Triage Paperwork. Again

Whilst the thoughts were fresh in my mind, I made some tweaks to the artwork, and ended up changing both documents to make them compliment each other. Had a scrap of text that wouldn't fit anywhere, so created a "Quick Reference Card"

EDIT: Bugger, noticed a slight error on the reference card, and the chart omits the alternate checking of a radial pulse when squeezing someones finger isn't an option :P

Going to get some coarse brown paper and print some of these, I shall make some actual working tags to hang around the games room ("The Bunker") also

If anyone wants a slightly fuzzier version of the top doc, let me know


  1. Great stuff; think I'm being overtaken in the docs department... Maybe we should put in (another) Stage 1 saying Evaluate Rank: Treat Officers First, or Recover Departmento Munitorium Equipment Before Treating Casualties. Although they'll work better probably as posters

  2. Argh curses, there's always something I end up thinking I should have put in afterwards - I meant to put the officer thing in too - it was something I already hinted at in the comment "where of equal rank"

    I may have to do a slight re-design. I think with the equipment, I may do a separate poster produced by the Admech who are technically responsible for producing everything from belt buckles to baneblades - reminding Guardsmen to do that. On the medical stuff, I think I'll go for the impression that Other Ranks and Equipment are on roughly equal pegging - both being churned out. That feels a bit more sinister for me.

    The idea for these is that some desk wallah is directing their production, and whilst many Guard outfits probably follow them (more or less - with regional variants) the barbaric units where some civilisation has taken hold will wipe their arse on them (even when there is standard issue toilet paper) and the less civilised will probably eat them - both groups mostly neglecting the advice on relying on the Ju-Ju of their Witch Doctor

  3. I think if I put a note in the preliminary stage along the lines of "Greater rank always equals greater priority of aid - always attend to Officers first"? I have a few ideas that are going to need a small booklet to fit in - 40k specific stuff about treating plasma burns and what to do when your comrades molecules have been partly stripped away by a necron gauss flayer, how to best remove Tyranid Borer Beetles - all nicely filtered into general advice about making makeshift stretchers, splints and sutures etc. etc. Perhaps these could be posters also?

    I'm currently doing the triage tags, I'll send you the template first to peruse.

    If you have any other medical ideas at all, send them across, I will add credits to Surgeon-General Scipio ;)

  4. This stuff is amazingly cool. well done, I love it.


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