15mm French Foreign Legion AMX10-RC

There's a few cobwebs here isn't there. My hobbying has been fairly passive for the past year but has certainly not gone away, Ed has covered all of our games and projects superbly on the Palladian Guard blog. Hopefully I should be back here regularly now if not frequently, and have plenty of modelling and gaming goodness to share. 

Today is Camerone Day, the 155th anniversary of the Battle of Camerone (or Camaron) at which a small infantry patrol of the Legion étrangère (French Foreign Legion) led by Captain Danjou were besieged by a total of around 3,000 Mexican infantry and cavalry throughout the course of the day.

When only a handful of légionnaires remained the Mexicans asked for their surrender, in response they asked for the Mexicans surrender. Out of the 65 only 3 légionnaires survived (5 had attempted a bayonet charge after running out of ammunition). Ultimately Danjou's men (Danjou himself had died earlier in the day) agreed to surrender if they could keep their …

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