Saturday, 16 May 2015

ACW Campaign Map - 'Burning Tennessee' 1862

All railroads lead to Nashville... A small snippet of the map wot I drew

Blimey, looking at the date of my last post I feel like Lister getting out of stasis after 3 million years on Red Dwarf, "3 millions years?! I've still got that library book". Has it really been that long..?

Hope everyone's been well. I've been rather busy of late with work, roller derby and life in general. The DIY DH.2 blog, which covers my attempt to build a sim cockpit of the WWI scout/fighter, is now up and running too if anyone wants to have a peek. The wargaming hasn't stopped either, I just felt I'd run out of anything interesting to say. Lost a bit of my mojo, so to speak...

One of the big projects that myself, Ed and his brother Ollie have done recently is a 2mm ACW campaign across Middle and parts of Western Tennessee, with Chattanooga as the campaign objective. For more information, Ed has written an incredible post with a great overview of the campaign.

See, there's a book
Ed took command of the Union forces, Ollie the Confederate forces and I took on the role of Campaign umpire/administrator - but was also respective Chief of Staff for each of them. As they gave their orders to me in secret each day, it was rather difficult not to just blurt out what cunning move the other was trying to make. Similarly I had to forget that I had a God's eye view of everything and give advice. It was interesting to really see the different command styles develop as well, which Ed has reflected in the book (yes, book) about the campaign - head over to the Palladian Guard blog to see if he has any copies left if you'd like one

My first task though was to create a campaign map for the campaign to be played across. As I wanted it to be hi-res to potentially print at A1 or A0, no digital copies of real maps would do the trick. So I turned to my trusty digital art packages to start redrawing the damn thing by hand, using the 1862 Johnson and Ward map of Kentucky and Tennessee as a guide.

My hand-drawn (with mouse assistance) map of middle Tennessee, I know the damn place far too well now

There are possibly a couple of errors in town names (or missing ones) and whatnot, but otherwise this is all largely to scale. In the interest of time I didn't get round to fully making it look like a period style map, but it did the job.

This was also the basis of my digital umpire's map which tracked the movements of each division/brigade, their reconnaissance range, their supply lines, weather, and local support or hostility to each cause amongst other things.

Overall it was a great experience and hopefully the next map campaign that we run (probably 19th century but not ACW) shall be fully documented on our respective blogs.

I shall be back soon, there's already a couple of posts already lined up, and there's a few nice new projects on the horizon.

Take care folks, see you all soon!

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

I Aten't Dead

They say time goes quicker as you get older, so I must be aging at an exponential rate as the 3 months since my last post have flown by. In all fairness I've done very little wargames related so there's been little to report, that's through no lack of motivation but simply lack of time. A (sort of) promotion, house move and other hobbies (the horror) have taken up a bit more of my time than usual.

Could go well with Rogue Trader....
I have, without wanting to go on about it, lost a bit of love for GW. I had quite a while back. Beyond a shadow of a doubt a point has been reached where I can say they definitely don't make miniatures or games for me anymore. And that's fine, change is inevitable and no company owes me the games I'd like to see. I can still use older miniatures and play older games and older versions of current games. I just need a project to get me into it all again. Something that infuses a bit of Jodorowsky's Dune and the Jodoverse into Rogue Trader could be fun...

That said, I do have some Blood Bowl related plans in the pipeline, so watch this space. 

There's also plenty of historical goodness lined up, from an ACW map campaign that I'm planning and umpiring (see Ed's latest post on a superb ACW game on a budget), some French and Indian War stuff in the post and a few other projects lined up that you will see on both mine and Ed's blog shortly. And part 3 of the Fighting Fantasy series (when I can find the damn book). This is a bit of a blank slate fresh start of my wargames blogging, if I can post once a month from now on I shall be happy. Hopefully it shall be more. The sabbatical year comes to an end. 

Now I finally have the new PC I want to get back to doing more graphical and fluffy stuff, so expect more of this in 2015. I'm already tinkering with novel ways of doing battle reports for various games and periods (SAGA, Blood Bowl and Necromunda to name a few), as the Battlefleet Gothic report a while back seemed to be pretty well received.

Saturday, 20 September 2014

1/3000 US Pre-Dreadnoughts (plus small 40k Imperial Navy update)

Blimey, it's been a while. I never intentionally intended to take a break from blogging, but one month became two and two became four. Thanks to everyone that's checked that all is well, I'm glad to report all definitely is.

Back to blogging. I've been working on some 1/3000 pre-Dreadnought ships (from WTJ Store) for Battlefleet 1900 (more on the Palladian Guard blog). These are superb miniatures and enjoyable enough to paint - although frosted slightly whilst spray undercoating so some colours are a bit drab. But as they're not meant to be looked at close up it's not a huge issue.

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