The Year Ahead

Although things have been quiet here for a while, the gaming has continued apace and has been diligently covered by Ed over at his Palladian Guard blog, with a distinctive gaming style taking hold in the last 12 months. 

The self-contained nature of our Super-campaign projects means that Ed has been doing most of the modelling and painting, or in instances where I've been involved in planning the fear of spoiling the games has led me to be a bit quieter. 

However, this is a new year, I'm in the middle of moving house and feeling ready to get the blog back into action and looking at how I can cover some of the campaign projects without giving anything away to the players. Although it's arbitrary I'm aiming for a post at least every 20 days.

Although there's been talk of several projects, there are a handful that are on the schedule for 2016 that I'm planning.


ACW Red River Super-campaign
It's 1864, General's Oliver and Edwards of Burning Tennessee fame battle across the bayous of Louisiana as the Union attempts to take control of East Texas.  

Burning Tennesee Campaign Map
ACW Artilley Co-Operative Campaign and Game System 
Yet more ACW, but something a little different. With an Excel app at it's core, this aims to recreate Battery level command much like Ed's Two Splendid Lines does with regimental command. with each player commanding a section (2 guns) of artillery, The players give an elevation for each gun and the app converts that to a range in cm. It calculates a simple trajectory so vertical terrain can be important, along with simplified forms of wind direction/strength, humidity, air pressure etc based on historical data. This means players can't just get good at guessing ranges but have to consider the different factors in each game. 

Prepare to repel boarders... ah no, too late
Prepare to Repel Boarders
A project with a lot of potential and miniatures I'm eager to paint, my 28mm Napoleonic boarding game. Going to get the first games of that in this year.

Secret Terrain and Locomotive Scratch building Project
What it says on the tin... Stay tuned. 

Gripping Beast's lovely Normans

SAGA Normans
With it being an anniversary year (950) of the Battle of Hastings, I thought it would be good to get the army finished by 14th of October, and perhaps a game on that day if possible. They got boxed up with the last house move, so they can be unboxed with this next one. 

Fighting Fantasy "Freeway Fighter"

It might be 2 years late, but better late than never, I shall be resuming my Freeway Fighter series throughout the year!


AWI Super-Campaign
Ollie and Ed take command of the British and Continental forces respectively as the British attempt to take control of the Hudson River Valley (ostensibly Saratoga, 1777). 

Battle of the Atlantic 'Global' Campaign (Potential)
A campaign involving players from around the 'blogosphere' (that means you). Essentially play-by-email, each player would command a U-Boat Wolfpack in the Atlantic and communicating with each other and BdU (myself and/or Ed) using my Excel Enigma emulator (more on this in another post). Based around an advanced Excel program generating convoy routes etc. No tabletop element. 

WIP version of Excel Enigma

 WW1 Western Front Aerial 'Global' Campaign (Potential)
Much like the above each player takes command of a Squadron on the Western Front. Aerial combat can either be played out by proxy players or simulated. 

 Additionally, Ed is currently working on a Russo-Japanese War campaign so look out for that. 

In the next couple of scheduled posts I'll be looking at 'Technology and Gaming' and asking 'Why do we Wargame?'

Thanks for reading!


  1. Sounds like you have a busy year ahead of you, best of luck Sir.

  2. Good luck with the plans Kieran!

  3. Some great plans up there, Kieran! Looking forward to seeing all of them as they roll forward

  4. Wow, loads of stuff to get excited about! Can't wait to see all of this unfold. (And hopefully be a part of)

  5. ^^ Everything wot Dai said. ^^

  6. And the Kate Bush references.

  7. For some reason Blogger won't let me reply individually so many thanks for all the comments all, hopefully there'll be something of interest for you all - including Kate Bush references


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