40k Medical Report: the wounding of Captain Nero

I wasn't expecting to post for a week, but Scipio has twisted my arm into putting this up. Admittedly, very little coercion was required... it is another "treading water" post of sorts, unfortunately not the proper content you lovely people deserve. I've now had over 10,000 hits which for some rather shabby posting is undeservedly lovely of you all :P

I am currently getting withdrawal symptoms from painting as I'm spending a week down at the in-laws, ironically doing some painting. Whilst daubing walls and skirting boards my mind is concerned with my "Knights of the Round Table" Honour Guard, or just exactly how I plan to paint the bikes - as well as ways to keep them alive a little longer next game with the Colonel.

Anyhoo, after saying I'd do some triage paperwork for Captain Nero following the recent events of our battle, I sat down today and tried to work out his specific injuries based on the known factors. I thought if I roughly wrote the ideas down in the form of medical notes from the surgery stage, my notes could be typed up by Scipio and used as a further fluff document. Waste not want not...

I wanted to make it as accurate as possible, a little more archaic then necessary and try and explain the medical terminology in a not explaining it kind of way. I've missed out bits about the absence of intercranial bleeding and fractured ribs, the usual stuff... I hope the medically trained aren't too offended by my ham-fisted ramblings which I know has a lot of gaps. It's been a long day.

 This is very much a WIP piece, but hope you folks enjoy.
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REF: (HOUSENERO/982.M41/01-7)
RANK: Captain


Primary and secondary causes of injuries: blast overpressure, shell casing fragments, agitated debris

Blast overpressure, whilst the principle cause of severe injury, appears to have been interrupted and lessened by nearby structures. NERO was evidently close to the centre of the blast origin - an observation corroborated by witnesses present on the field. As such, potential injury was reduced and a likely fatality outcome avoided. Although my body &c.

NEROs responsiveness on the St. Etherea Scale was initially recorded as XI, a moderate response broken down as: Ocular III (vox-response), Vocal IV (disorientated), Motor IV (normal flexion to pain stimulus). Ocular response was treated with caution due to severe laceration to the right eye, with evident damage to the optic nerve - irreparable with resultant blindness without Mechanicum bionic intervention. With Your Strength You Protect &c.

A small contusion (likely from debris) to the rear of the head seems to have contributed towards concussion; overpressure shock waves also contributed. Lasting damage also occurred to the right ear of NERO, with irreparable damage to the tympanic membrane. Without the implementation of bionics under the jurisdiction of the Mechanicum, the result of such damage is permanent deafness. NERO had an existing metallic cranial implant from prior injuries sustained; this undoubtedly prevented further damage to the brain. As such, the head injury was largely benign with no intervention required.

Damage to the tissue of the lungs was also expected upon arrival. Whilst no pulmonary laceration or associated haemothorax presented, a pulmonary contusion did. A very mild cyanosis skin discolouration was an early indicator as was, evidently painful, respiratory dyspnea. Further investigation revealed the extent of the contusion. NERO had bruising in the upper-right lung, with haemorrhaging to the alveoli of the superior lobe. Bronchorrea had developed, along with associated, albeit low-level, hemoptysis - the cause of the dyspnea. As the principle cause of death in survivors of blast injuries, it was a primary target identified for treatment. Whilst similar damage was also possible to the intestines, tests indicated minimal damage with no intervention required. Similarly, rib fractures were not present. All standard procedure was followed with the treatment of the pulmonary contusion, with NERO receiving tracheal intubation and mechanical ventilation. After a period of three Terran days, the level of healing was sufficient for artificial ventilation and oxygenation to be rendered unnecessary.

Minor injuries were sustained from agitated debris, and small fragments of shell casing were embedded in NERO'S upper torso wounds, along with damage to upper-right limb bionics (referred to Mechanicum personnel). Surgical debridement was carried out to ensure the prevention of wound infection. NERO's condition has rapidly improved, and although lasting biological damage has been sustaine to ocular and auditory functions, I can recommend that NERO is fit to return to active duty.

In line with NERO's injuries, I can confirm that with the Battalion M/Off's approval, permission to award the Patium Pro Imperatora is hereby granted. I Lost A Limb, But I Gained Faith &c.


  1. Yes! I love it! Hopefully next time you'll get a chance to 'kill' him since my artillery beat you to it this time...

  2. Glad you like it my good man. I'll give it a good polish before I print anything. I can't kill Nero, that would be sacrilege - using your cunning psychological trickery against me.

  3. I realy enjoy this sort of thing - I'm blown away at how cool that's turned out. Keep up the fantastic work!

  4. Thanks all, glad you enjoyed it. Makes it all worthwhile. All this makes it look like we take this stuff much too seriously... we do in fact take a quite light-hearted approach to it all, honest...

    1. Good point. It's very important to stress that the Imperial Guard IS NOT REAL. After speaking to my doctor I now make a statement to that effect every morning in the mirror before I go to my support group.

  5. Not know how I missed this post? it's a very cool piece and lovely detail. Hope you'll be creating more in a similar vein for the future!

    @ Col Scipio - I hope you take your lasgun to those meetings? a good guardsman should never leave home without one!

  6. Thanks Dai, should hopefully get more done in that "vein" soon lol ;)

    Got a few posts lined up, should be of interest I hope

  7. Kieran, just coming back to this superb post again. I am pinching your ideas, shamelessly for my ongoing Verdun game...of which more on my blog. Fully accredited, of course. But this post has been a great inspiration!

    1. Not a problem at all, you're more than welcome to - and thank you very much. Look forward to seeing what you do! (Apologies for the rather late response, have been rather busy lately and away from the wonderful world of blogs).


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