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Monday, 3 June 2013

Necromunda Campaign Newspaper: The Bilgewater Expositor

Firstly, just a quick thank you to all of you for getting this humble blog past the 50,000 hits mark. Without sounding too cliched, this blogging lark has added a new dimension to my hobbying, has given me more motivation and the feedback and hobby advice from you fountains of knowledge is always massively helpful.

Making the headlines...

To skip the waffle and read the paper itself, follow these links:

To download the higher res BMP (9 MB), click here
To download as PDF (3 MB), click here

Thursday, 24 January 2013

BFG Battle Report: Cruiser Clash

Those torpedoes are going to hurt, aren't they?
Welcome back to a very special joint post on Do You Have A Flag?, as today we not only have a new Battle Report but today marks the start of a new game covered here on the blog!

Scipio put the superb text together (although we alternated with our own comments), which I humbly present below - take it away sir!

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

40k Imperial Navy Tattoo Designs

As I mentioned in my Imperial Navy post the other day, the Ratings I'm converting wouldn't be the same without a few tattoos.

As I'm sure the naval types amongst you will know, tattoos have been popular with sailors since the days of Captain Cook. Ever the superstitious lot, historic tattoos had plenty of meanings and symbolism - they brought luck, whether ensuring a sailor would find his way home or wouldn't drown or ensured good chances in a fight. They also marked certain milestones and achievements of sorts.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

It's Official - Warhammer Total War! (Plus some general waffle)

From this....

I've not really played any Warhammer games since Shadow of the Horned Rat or Dark Omen, and Space Marine never really appealed much for 40k. But as a huge fan of the Total War series, here is the news the I've been waiting for...


There is essentially going to be a Warhammer: Total War.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

40K Medical Transfers - Cast your vote!

I'm afraid it's more of the same again, but this time I'm making a proper, official poll of it. Myself and Scipio have started work on a not-so-top-secret 40k medical diorama. To make this a little easier, and for future usage, I am making up some medical symbol transfers.

This is where you come in.

Monday, 12 November 2012

New 40k Officio Medicae Artwork

I hadn't intended to post this today, but decided that I might as well anyway. Some time ago I created a graphic for the Officio Medicae to go with the new 40k medical fluff I was working on, but later realised I needed a simpler variant that was clear and distinct even at low resoultions (and also to be turned into transfers for objective items and vehicles... watch this space).

So I had a tinker around and came up with these variants, the first is a simplification of the previous logo using existing 40k design elements, whereas the latter two were an attempt to utilise the standard design for various Imperial organisations and offices ("I with Circle").

Thoughts and feedback would be much appreciated!

Symbols below...

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Creating Fluff: Space Marine Hierarchy Chart

Its that time again. In a recent post, I wrote about creating fluff and matching the right type of fluff with the right army (or character or whatever). At least I think I did, I'm not sure what actually made it to the page through the haze of insomnia.To perhaps illustrate what I was trying to cover, I thought I'd use this recent piece of fluff documentation (I create plenty of it so hopefully no one realises I'm behind on my painting schedule, and by doing so end up further behind... the irony).

Friday, 27 July 2012

Artwork: 40k Officio Medicae Symbol

Updated  09/08/12 - Added more "grimdark" variant

After working on all the medical fluff nonsense that I've been doing for some time, I realised that I hadn't actually created a symbol for the medical personnel of the 41st millennium. Whilst working on a nicer looking verison of Captain Nero's Post-Trauma report with Colonel Scipio, I was prompted into action.

It's something I've tinkered with in the past when considering a mini-medical diorama/objective marker - exactly what would Imperial medics and medical vehicles have to denote them? I was wary of using the red cross, whilst instantly recognisable as being medical, has too many real world connotations for it to be dropped in seamlessly. Sure, you could probably come up with fluffy reasons and meanings for it, but for me it seemed more trouble than it's worth.

Monday, 16 July 2012

40k Medical Report: the wounding of Captain Nero

I wasn't expecting to post for a week, but Scipio has twisted my arm into putting this up. Admittedly, very little coercion was required... it is another "treading water" post of sorts, unfortunately not the proper content you lovely people deserve. I've now had over 10,000 hits which for some rather shabby posting is undeservedly lovely of you all :P

I am currently getting withdrawal symptoms from painting as I'm spending a week down at the in-laws, ironically doing some painting. Whilst daubing walls and skirting boards my mind is concerned with my "Knights of the Round Table" Honour Guard, or just exactly how I plan to paint the bikes - as well as ways to keep them alive a little longer next game with the Colonel.

Anyhoo, after saying I'd do some triage paperwork for Captain Nero following the recent events of our battle, I sat down today and tried to work out his specific injuries based on the known factors. I thought if I roughly wrote the ideas down in the form of medical notes from the surgery stage, my notes could be typed up by Scipio and used as a further fluff document. Waste not want not...

I wanted to make it as accurate as possible, a little more archaic then necessary and try and explain the medical terminology in a not explaining it kind of way. I've missed out bits about the absence of intercranial bleeding and fractured ribs, the usual stuff... I hope the medically trained aren't too offended by my ham-fisted ramblings which I know has a lot of gaps. It's been a long day.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Arthurian Space Marine Chapter Organisation Chart

Just about back up to speed with my 40k stuff now, and hopefully I shall actually have some painted minatures to share soon. However, as I'm in the middle of moving house, I decided not to do anything too ambitious and though I might roll off another fluff document.

This is the chapter organisation chart for my Spears of Mawdryn Arthurian/Celtic Marine Chapter as it stands in the "present day." It only has three Companies, the rest being wiped in a bit of a massacre.... (is that an oxymoron?) Throughout its history, the Chapter has never really adhered to the Codex Astartes-prescribed organisation, and its companies have always been "Independent" - each containing their own Veterans, Support, Reserves etc., and as such able to deploy without awaiting for other elements of the Chapter to provide other required support or materiel.

Anyhoo, enough waffle, here's the chart. Some of the numbers, particularly where squads are concerned, are a little arbitrary at the moment. If you have any questions about the Chapter, fluff, pronunciation of Welsh/Brythonic names and terms.... just ask.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Animated about 40k

I seem to be doing more and more posts about fluff at the moment, I'm still working on the Scouts as promised in my last post.

This post is very much one about tangents. In my post-before-last, ironically on "distractions" I posted a doodle that got out of hand to become an image of my Space Marine Chapter's homeworld, complete with starfield and lens flare.

This week I thought I'll recycle that line drawing to make an animated gif of the planet spinning, in a wireframe style. In the end I had to redraw it having done some work for Colonel Scipio and accidentally overwriting my original. And the animation project evolved. A bit.

Monday, 9 January 2012

40k Triage Tag Mock Ups

Yes, I lied, I said I'd leave this alone - but it seems I can't. Whilst I do want to rejig the system to make it more Grimdark (basically a harsher version of reverse triage as standard), I wanted to make some mock ups of the prop tags. Only rough work, but it hopefully gives an idea of the archaic look I was going for...

Original Triage Tag Post

Other Medical Triage Documents

Saturday, 7 January 2012

40k Triage Tags

This seems to becoming a medical blog, I'm putting the medical work down for a bit now, but there will be more (including revisions of older pieces).

So here's the last piece, an Imperial triage tag, to be attached to a wounded Guardsmen to aid his progress through the chain of evacuation. I imagine in most Imperial campaigns, there probably isn't one and anyone but the walking wounded will be left, or if lucky, shot.

Full Res versions of all the triage documents can be found on my Deviant Art page. I'm quite chuffed, I only did some of these various triage pieces yesterday and I've already been asked by a 40k LARPer in Germany if they can make use of them in their games, and I was more than happy to oblige the thoroughly nice chap.

The Rest...

Friday, 6 January 2012

More Imperial Triage Paperwork

More paperwork of a medical nature, as it seems to be popular with my vast audience :P

This is the companion poster to the first document, and is a flow chart for prioritisation procedue, i.e. triage. There are many such real-life charts in existence, the best (in my opinion) is the SMART one produced by TSG and utilised by the British military, as well as various Police, Fire, Ambulance and other emergency services across the world. However, whilst their chart is neat, simple and tidy, that didn't seem to fit the bureaucratic mess of the 41st millenium. SO I went for a slightly older, somewhat abtuse system that was also esier to produce with my limited graphical technology at present - had a been at my own PC I could have easily replicated the SMART system in seconds, real-life nicely mirroring the anachronistic, archaic tech. of the dark future ;)

Going to do a second version with a Stage 0, which directs the medical personnel to avoid warp tainted chaps, and anyone with other non-warp mutations should be shot immediately.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Triage Paperwork. Again

Whilst the thoughts were fresh in my mind, I made some tweaks to the artwork, and ended up changing both documents to make them compliment each other. Had a scrap of text that wouldn't fit anywhere, so created a "Quick Reference Card"

EDIT: Bugger, noticed a slight error on the reference card, and the chart omits the alternate checking of a radial pulse when squeezing someones finger isn't an option :P

Going to get some coarse brown paper and print some of these, I shall make some actual working tags to hang around the games room ("The Bunker") also

If anyone wants a slightly fuzzier version of the top doc, let me know

Imperial Guard Triage Paperwork

Inspired by the work of "Colonel Scipio" (see here) I have produced a piece of "in-game" documentation of my own, related to my own field of interest that can't really be replicated in any great scale on the table - battlefield medicine. This is essentially a poster that one might see dotted around aid posts and barracks across the Imperium. I am also working on a triage flow diagram and triage casualty tags that wounded guardsmen would have attached to them as they are ferried through the casualty system - battlefield medicine is almost certainly not altruism on the part of the Guard, it's keeping the military machine working as efficiently as possible.

This work isn't to my usual standard, so my apologies there, but working on a decrepit old machine at present. Save the image to read it properly. Certain bits need rewording, but ultimately the feel is about right, and it's medically correct :P


Below is an updated version, based on Colonel Scipio's comments...

The system I've used is a combination of SMART, with which I'm most familiar, combined with elements of START and the German and Swedish systems.
I tried to get the colours clear but not so bold, or with a slight inked look, or reminiscent of WWI print styles (fortunately as a Great War "living historian" I have plenty of examples for this).

I also try and blend the modern and archaic, so where modern triage systems use barcodes for patient tracking - although I doubt any Guardsmen get such attention - I considered using an old punch card style system, like telex and the like, I can just imagine an Adeptus Mechanicus Lexmechanic have a slot for a punch card reader (reminds me of the Peter Kay line "where do you want me to swipe that" ;))

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

The Myrmidions - Space Marines

The Myrmidions / Heralds of Kephis were designed as a project that allowed me to use a small force of Space Marines as both Loyalists and Renegades, addidng a few possessed, daemons and the like for the latter, as well as scattering a few actual Chaos Marine miniatures amongst the squads of standard Marines


Formed in early M36, the exact Founding is unknown (or as some suspect, expunged), but events in the Chapter's history has led to speculation from within the Inquisition that it was part of the 21st Founding – the largest since the 2nd, and better known as the “Cursed” Founding. This is not certain however, and could have easily been one of the many other Foundings of this period.

The Chapter originates from the world of Sotek, however, they have not been based on the world since M37, following the planets destruction in the aftermath of the Occlusiad Wars against the Blind King and his rogue Techpriests. Like much of the Chapter's history, the exact details remain unclear.

The Myrmidions are a fleet-based chapter, specialising in naval and boarding actions (and can transfer these skills to Titan-boarding and tunnel fighting).

As their fleet roams the Segmenta of the galaxy, their formations resemble the form of a kraken, the main body of the fleet being made of mutually supporting ships in realtively close formation, with outriders on it's flanks. Principally, reaching out ahead like tendrils are the Forward Patrols, these are the first to engage the enemy and make planetfall - the Strike Support squadrons formed around Strike Cruisers reader to head forward to provide extra troops and ships to the forward patrol quickly.



The World of Sotek
With the surface being almost entirely oceanic, most of the inhabitants of Sotek lived on the grandiose floating City States – at one end of the scale these were purposely constructed “city-ships” resembling city more than ship; at the other end were the rag-tag conglomeration of barges: these seemingly unintentional urban centres growing as more vessels semi-permanently docked with them. On the biggest of these it was no longer possible to see the constituent vessels, or indeed where one began and another finished, layers upon layers of buildings forming floating hive cities. Many of the former, larger maritime metropolises became like icebergs, with almost as much of the city beneath the waves as floating above them – out of necessity for space and balance.

Trade and Commerce
Fishing, whaling and especially commerce were the major concerns of the inhabitants of Sotek, great trade fleets of oared galleys passed between ever-moving city and town-ship alike, trading wares unique to each: the agricultural produce of the Hanging Gardens of Aa'set and the craftsmanship of Surak being highly sought after.

These fleets would occasionally be harried by piratical raiders, but most fleets would be prepared: any daring to engage in piracy against them would be shown no mercy. Whaling ships harpooned the great beasts of the seas, their skins and meat being valuable commodities. However, one such noble beast was another matter - woe betide any that accidentally speared the rare great Kraken, considered sacred in the Sotek culture. Anyone responsible for merely injuring the Kraken would be put to death by drowning.

The Mercantile Houses
All of the traders and fleets belonged to one of the ten Mercantile Houses, each with a Patriarch or Matriarch, the main political divide of the world alongside the actual City States themselves. The Houses were as followed:

House Gyasi
House Akhenaten
House Abasi
House Zer'ephys
House Netari
House Chenzira
House Bakari
House Nephthys
House Darwishi
House M'shai

Warfare on Sotek
With such an oceanic culture, the inhabitants of Sotek were masters of Naval warfare, both that of the grand manoeuvre of ships and the close-quarter brutality of boarding actions. The sons of the Sotek Aristocracy were often prime candidates for the Imperial Navy – a lucrative source of personnel that was lost following the formation of the Chapter, much to the chagrin of the Navy.


When the Chapter was formed upon Kephis, they built a great Fortress-Monastery on the world – a grand floating fortress that dwarfed even the greats city-ships upon the high seas.

The ten Merchant Houses into which Kephis was divided would form the basis of the new Chapter, members of one of the ten Houses being recruited solely into that House's corresponding Company. Within the Chapter each company is Independent, further strengthening their suspected connections to the Carcharodons and Raven Guard. Like their oft-time allies, the Spears of Mordryn, each Company is a Chapter in microcosm, with its own Reserves, support and auxiliaries – each company able to reach out in different directions like the tendrils of the sacred Kraken that the Chapter bears as their sigil and badge.

To be continued....

This image and the fleet diagram above are pieces of my own, slightly naff, artwork. The crest on the miniature below is either going to signify the rank of Sergeant, or that this Marine is a member of the Chapter's specialists dedicated to hunting down their fallen, former brothers. The fleet diagram I'm generally happy with, just not the ship colours, having tried to draw top-down versions of each major class, it just didn't work.
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