Paperback Fighter: Episode #3

It's been a long time but here it is, the third part of my ongoing Freeway Fighter series.

Essentially it's a series in which I re-play my favourite Adventure Gamebook for the first time in 20 years. Instead of making decisions as a proper hero would, I am instead playing as if it were myself in that situation (whilst occasionally channeling Alan Partridge). I shall also be playing without cheating. Probably a first.

Follow these links for part 1 and part 2. A quick summary of the story so far: the apocalypse has happened, the majority of the world's population wiped out. The usual. As a citizen of one of the bastions of civilisation, the town of New Hope, I've been tasked with driving across the post-apocalyptic wasteland brimming with people and things that want to kill me in order to collect a fuel tanker from a distant city and forge diplomatic relations. Etcetera. 

A fearsome set of wheels and accompanying fashions

Last time on that journey saw me get involved in my very first high speed chase, but managed to leave my pursuers a bit flamey in a ditch. After this scrape I got news that the leader of New Hope, Sinclair, had been kidnapped after a raid on the town by bikers. After finding my route blocked on the highway I turned back to the exit and faced the decision of going left or right. The unanimous decision in the comments was "left" - which I'm now going to follow and blame you all if it goes horribly wrong. 

The Story Continues...

Episode #3

Page 66 for those following at home

With the engine idling, the car sits motionless at the junction. I look across to my left and right. Out of nowhere it is as if a chorus of voices say in unison "left"... As I always pay attention to what the imaginary voices tell me to do I consider trying to spin it the car around, but instead opt for a sensible three-point turn to get me heading back on the road.
Time for a bit of music methinks, where's that mix tape.

A smooth drive westwards listening to the dulcet tones of Midge Ure eventually comes to an end. Mostly because the road has come to an end. A fast-flowing river cuts the road in half and the only way across is a bridge. However the bridge is a drawbridge, and it's partly open. Hmm, what if I got a good enough run up at the bridge? If I can get to a high enough speed maybe, just maybe I could get across the bridge. I turn the car around, if I'm going to do this I need to make sure I've got as long a run up as possible. Am I really doing this...?

No, of course I'm not. I'm not an idiot, this is real life, not The Man with the Golden Gun. I continue down the road and head eastwards like I should have done in the first place. That's the last time I listen to the voices in my head. Probably.

Turn to page 341

fter a few miles heading eastward I pass what seems to be an ambulance in rather good condition parked on the right. Should I go an investigate? There's a chance that there may be some abandoned medical supplies after all. I park up and go and check the first aid box in the glove box. Inside are a couple of conforming bandages, one antiseptic wipe, a yellowing 'Beginner's Guide to First Aid' on a sheet of A5, and an out-of-date tube of Savlon. There's a proper Kit in the boot but given the state of this one it's probably worth having a nosey at least. 

Turn to page 267

The vehicle in question (along with bespoke SB5 gaming group mug)

I park up at the side of the road and head towards the ambulance. Walking around a few times and paying close attention, it seems the vehicle is in very good condition and has definitely been driven recently - the engine is still warm for goodness sake. I look around for the owner, whilst the world around me may have descended in lawlessness this is no excuse for me to break the law with reckless abandon. I'm certainly not going to attempt to steal anything - not if there's a chance of getting caught. I might get hurt. Nevertheless, although most ambulances should ideally be rather conspicuous, this sticks out like a sore thumb. 

Do I go and look inside the vehicle or should I continue my journey east?


  1. I loved that cover as a kid. I'm now tempted to have a go at creating a Hot Wheels version of the same car.

  2. There might be an attractive young nurse of appropriate gender and loose morals in the back.

    Humm. Still worth flipping a coin....

  3. Zzzzzz'z comment makes the most sense. Flip a coin. Then go for the nurse.


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