New Projects and Quick Update

I'm back from hibernation (and the Edinburgh Fringe) to once again to throw some words at the Internet, and let you all know that I've not abandoned ship, I'm still here and have posts queued up waiting.

That said there'll be little to no GW content anymore, with the exception of some Specialist Games stuff every now and then. Sadly much of the interest I had in the setting has gone. It's been good to me since '96, but it's not for me anymore.

My old projects have been mothballed so I can approach new stuff without being haunted by the Ghost of Unfinished Projects Past Sad but necessary to bring a bit of hobby joy back. I may ressurect them one day though.

Most of the wargaming I've been doing lately has been with Ed and given that they're campaigns I don't want to chuck out any posts here and there to potentially ruin any final narrative Ed might want to do on it at the end - or give away my strategic scheming

In order to give me a kick up the derriere to get posting a little more, and finish the several posts I've already mostly written, here's what you can expect in the coming months:

Prepare to Repel Boarders!

An Age of Sail boarding game I've been writing loosely based on Ed's Trench Raiders rules. Very excited about this, but taking my with the project as it's something I want to get right, and share with you all to try for yourselves. 

There will be a long series of posts surrounding this for a long time, from miniature range comparisons, developing the rules, building 1/64 scale sloops and brigs, (and possibly frigates) etc etc. 

28mm Celts (WAB)
We've been building up some forces for WAB (yes WAB, that old chestnut) for a while, and those long-time readers will be not at all surprised that I've opted for some chariot-riding Celts. 

I've already got two posts mostly written surrounding this project: Celtic Horse Breeds (riveting stuff eh) and the slightly more imaginatively named "On the Woad Again: Dyes and Patterns of Iron Age Celts"

Paperback Fighter

Yes, my series of posts revisiting the Fighting Fantasy adventure game books will be continuing! You can read part 1 here and part 2 here

Other Stuff
There will be a fair few other projects as well, but these are either small bits and pieces or things I don't want to ruin the surprise of yet.

Tomorrow, we shall be doing a 2mm demonstration game of the Second Siege/Relief of Newark at the National War Centre, so I'm sure there'll be plenty here or Ed's Palladian Guard about that.



  1. Great to hear from you again !

    I suspect that a lot of the blogs will be GW lite in future...

    Nice shout on the demons as well; It's one of our biggest issues at work but hardly mentioned.

    1. Thanks very much Zzzzzz, much appreciated! It does seem to be the way things are going sadly, I'm still interested in seeing what others are doing but not much from me now.The only project I'd really like to finish is the small Nurgle 40k force...

      Thanks, it does tend to get avoided, personally I generally don't bring it up either because it might cause problems down the line, or I don't want to seem like it's just an excuse. But it definitely needs to be talked about more.

  2. It's most certainly not an excuse. I medicate to keep my dark at bay and by medicate I mean, drink - far better for one's health than frightening pharmaceuticals. Looking forward to reading your posts in the topic though.

    So long GW, I will remember you fondly and might continue to dabble in INQ28 from time to time.

    Those projects you've listed sound super fun - am very excited to see updates on them all.

    Glad to have you back mate. :)

    1. Thanks very much Dai. Aye I came of those lovely pharmaceuticals a long time ago, it's the Buddhist approach to mindfulness that works for me.Talking about it all openly can never hurt too much.

      I hear you, I still want to do some GW-based stuff with older miniatures and some homebrew rules and our take on the fluff, but not just yet.

      Hopefully I won't disappoint :)

  3. Stoked to see you back, Matey, and here's to forthrightness, eh?

    1. Cheers Drax, hope all's well with yourself? Sorry for being so jack with the late response, somehow your comment slipped under the radar


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