Imperial Guard Triage Paperwork

Inspired by the work of "Colonel Scipio" (see here) I have produced a piece of "in-game" documentation of my own, related to my own field of interest that can't really be replicated in any great scale on the table - battlefield medicine. This is essentially a poster that one might see dotted around aid posts and barracks across the Imperium. I am also working on a triage flow diagram and triage casualty tags that wounded guardsmen would have attached to them as they are ferried through the casualty system - battlefield medicine is almost certainly not altruism on the part of the Guard, it's keeping the military machine working as efficiently as possible.

This work isn't to my usual standard, so my apologies there, but working on a decrepit old machine at present. Save the image to read it properly. Certain bits need rewording, but ultimately the feel is about right, and it's medically correct :P


Below is an updated version, based on Colonel Scipio's comments...

The system I've used is a combination of SMART, with which I'm most familiar, combined with elements of START and the German and Swedish systems.
I tried to get the colours clear but not so bold, or with a slight inked look, or reminiscent of WWI print styles (fortunately as a Great War "living historian" I have plenty of examples for this).

I also try and blend the modern and archaic, so where modern triage systems use barcodes for patient tracking - although I doubt any Guardsmen get such attention - I considered using an old punch card style system, like telex and the like, I can just imagine an Adeptus Mechanicus Lexmechanic have a slot for a punch card reader (reminds me of the Peter Kay line "where do you want me to swipe that")


  1. Put some of my ham-fisted stuff to shame, as usual; but really good and as you say, medically correct. As a nihilst pessimist dystopist, I might have added 'Summary Execution for Malingering' after a Cat 3...

  2. Many thanks, you're too kind, I still think yours looks more "proper" - I did want to get more stuff like that in but was running out of space - the next version will certainly include them, I like your "messages likely to undermine the Imperial Creed" element - is that a real article in the Uplifting Primer? Just looking at yours again and may have to unashamedly lift that font, it looks just right


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