If you build the ludus, they will fight...

Huzzah! The long-awaited Gladiators have finally arrived, and my ludus (Gladiator school) has its first intake of students. I am now regretting not scraping together the funds to get the Foundry Horde pack while it was on sale - £66 for every pack, now gone back up to £95 :( There are a lot of models I'm not too keen on though, but those could have gone on to others or eBay. Nevermind.

At least I have my favourite pack "Prime Contenders," (nice to see the new "Fantasy and Science fiction" packaging) and my friend and Gladiatorial opponent has his -"Coliseum Vanquishers" as a belated Xmas present. I am eyeing up the Thracian in that pack though, it's a bloody nice sculpt.

My plan for the Thracian in my own pack is to sculpt the traditional feathered crest from modelling putty, so he looks more like the Thracian chap on the cover of the rulebook (hopefully mine won't be on the back foot against bloody Murmillos).

Next on the shopping list are "Copplestone's Conquerors" for me and "Saleh's Survivors" for my regular opponent.

I still want to get myself one of the Coliseum Vanquisher Thracians, and that Secutor's pretty good too. As is the bottom left Hoplomachus of "Hoyle's Heroes." I might get the "Coliseum Champions" too, but only for the Secutor and Retiarius really...