40k Triage Tag Mock Ups

Yes, I lied, I said I'd leave this alone - but it seems I can't. Whilst I do want to rejig the system to make it more Grimdark (basically a harsher version of reverse triage as standard), I wanted to make some mock ups of the prop tags. Only rough work, but it hopefully gives an idea of the archaic look I was going for...

Original Triage Tag Post

Other Medical Triage Documents


  1. Wow. Is that a real printed out thing, or is it all digital? Looks very good: can just imagine a tired old medic walking round a triage station with hundreds of them hanging off his belt in a bunch, ripping them off and filling them in barely even looking, before hurrying on....

  2. Excellent, that's pretty much how I imagined it would be used. It's all digital I'm afraid but it should be pretty easy to make


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