40k Triage Tags

This seems to becoming a medical blog, I'm putting the medical work down for a bit now, but there will be more (including revisions of older pieces).

So here's the last piece, an Imperial triage tag, to be attached to a wounded Guardsmen to aid his progress through the chain of evacuation. I imagine in most Imperial campaigns, there probably isn't one and anyone but the walking wounded will be left, or if lucky, shot.

Full Res versions of all the triage documents can be found on my Deviant Art page. I'm quite chuffed, I only did some of these various triage pieces yesterday and I've already been asked by a 40k LARPer in Germany if they can make use of them in their games, and I was more than happy to oblige the thoroughly nice chap.

The Rest...


  1. This triage stuff is superb, mate! Well done you!

    I'll be sending a link out to my muckers in Sandy Places post-haste!

    Thanks for making me grin.

    - Drax.

  2. Ta very much, and you're welcome, glad I achieved what I was going for. I hope they get a laugh out of it.

  3. Great Blog!

    Im following you!

    You can follow me too !



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