Happy New Year! DYHAF's 2nd Birthday and Realistic Resolutions

Happy New Year to you all and thank you for taking the time to read this humble blog over the past year.

Boris' giant catherine wheel... hope nobody was left on it

As well as being New Year's Day it is also the second birthday of Do You Have A Flag. I've skipped the festivities due to being on crutches this past week. Nothing too exciting and a story so pathetic it's probably best to stick to versions including saving kittens from trees or daring hand-gliding feats across the Pennines.

After a somewhat patchier 2013 than I hoped in terms of blogging, it was actually a rather superb year for getting plenty of gaming done - as Ed's post over at his Palladian Guard blog covers. This blogging lark has definitely added a new dimension to the hobby, and that extra bit of motivation. With that in mind I want to set some realistic resolutions for this year's hobbying.

Realistic Resolutions for 2014
  • One blog post every two weeks. I don't really like ad hoc posting, so this will keep a similar rate of writing while being a bit more regular (without the need for more fibre...). If I can up that to once a week then I will.
  •  Do a bit of building / converting / modelling every other day, even if it's just one infantry model.
  • Do a small amount of painting at least once a week.
  • Get even more games in (don't think we're going to struggle here)

Overall, I'm aiming for smaller scale projects but making sure they're fully converted, painted, based and weathered.

I'm getting tired of accumulating hordes of unpainted plastic and lead, and since I prefer smaller games there's not that much point in rushing it.So these are the projects I want to finish (more or less) in 2014.

1000pts Spears of Mawdryn Space Marines

Progress: 500pts base coated and washed, just needs highlighting and weathering. Superb Secret Weapons basing kits on the hobby desk. Watch this space.

Stirland Mordheim Warband
Progess: All plastic bits (with a ton of spares) plus metal miniatures acquired (including a Quest chap). Fluff completed and thoroughly chuffed with it. Echoes of the Wicker Man and A Field in England. Just need to build.

English Civil War Armies
There's no limit on this one as its going to be an ongoing project. Without doubt my favourite era of history (I'm sure the participants weren't as keen). With so many local connections and the period that started my history bug, this has been a long time in the works. Now I have two opponents/allies that have finally caught the ECW bug (Ed and Ollie) I've got no excuse

Also have a big ECW project in planning that some of you may be interested in taking part in, but still need to get some details ironed out. Keep eyes out on the blog for a separate post on this.

Necromunda Gangs - Polly Styrene's Eschers and Bald Rick's Black Adders (Delaque)
Look out for more Necromunda exploits reported in the Bilgewater Expositor
Progress: Miniatures bought, need building and painting. This is there as more of a background project, when I want a bit of a change or manage to find the time after the priority stuff is done (hah).

Battlefleet Gothic Chaos Fleet

Progress: This is just a "finish off painting" project. There are 6 ships fully finished, 8 ships in various states of completion. The unpainted ones shall be tied in to my Nurgle 40k force. More games like this are on the the horizon.

500pts Nurgle 40k force

Continuing with the theme of the rhino from last year, this is very much a nostalgic project.
Progress: Bar the converted/undercoated Rhino, this is the project that needs the most work. But this is a modelling project first and foremost and is not led by fluff, but I have some rather nifty ideas for modelling.basing characters if I may say so myself.

500pt Vostroyan Force 
Or rather a Zaporich force, the backward rural cousins of Vostroyans. I've wanted to do a Guard army for a long time, and with the potential demise of the metal ranges, this seemed like the best time to start. Will feature black clad priests (think Rasputin), gold leaf standards of saints and the God-Emperor himself; Oprichnik provosts and military police and Cossack style rough riders.
Progress: Majority of miniatures purchased.

Imperial Navy Boarding Party

This old chestnut, and my go to project when I'm at a loose end. I have a few miniatures built, and have been tinkering with mixing and matching various ranges to see what fits well and works.
Status: 6/20 miniatures built.

1919 Alternate History Project

Simply, just write more and get more written up on this project. After the Great PC Self-Destruction of 2013 I've lost all of my previous work on it (bloody heartbreaking), but I'm not letting that stop me from carrying it on.

And the rest
There's plenty of terrain still being churned out from Chez Headologist, from 40k/Necromunda to ECW/Warhammer. There's other bits or lead lurking round corners, and particularly ooking forward to some more games of Ed's superb Trench Raiders WWI game this week.

Here's wishing you peace, prosperity etc and I look forward to seeing all the brilliant miniatures and games from you all in 2014.


  1. Realistic resolutions ?!?! But this is all made up....

    1. Haha very true indeed. On my to do list for this month is building your Chimera APC equivalent... Just need to prepare myself, it's taken a while :p

  2. They are fantastic goals. Loads of cool projects! I wasn't going to do resolutions myself but now I an rather tempted to set myself a few goals.
    Good luck Kieran!

    1. Thanks very much sir, I wasn't planning on doing it at first but I thought it would be good to lay out the existing stuff I wanted to get finished - and now I've said I'm doing it ill have to finish it!

  3. Happy New Years to you to Kieran!

    Some lofty goals there - lots of little projects can be just as bad as having fewer larger projects - or so has always been my experience. I heartily look forward to reading about yours and Ed's exploits over the course of the year.

    I envy you lot back in old blighty greatly that the wargaming community is so thick on the ground and you never seem to want for gaming partners - it seems to be fewer and farther between over here in Oz with most 'groups' lurking out of the light.

    My hobby goal this year is to unearth one of these gaming covens and insinuate myself upon it so I to can share in the rich hobby-mojo I jealously read about from you guys!

    1. Muppet, I may be able to help you out. I stumbled across a newish wargmaing group based now at Marion. (If you are still down my way)...


      "The Southern 40k League has been playing 40k campaign style games since 2011. We were originally located at Lonsdale and were just a group of 8 players who met regularly.
      As time has continued, we have grown and mid 2012 moved to the Marion RSL due to space constrictions.
      The current location can hold 10-14 gaming tables and we are slowly expanding our player base.
      Games range from 750 points to 3000 points, with almost every faction represented.
      We supply our own game boards and terrain, always looking out for more.
      Drop in and have a game and see if this group is for you!"

      I dropped by in December, it seemed promising so I'll be joining in a few games from now on.

    2. -They are now also starting to look at other game systems like Infinity.

    3. You're definitely right about lots of little projects Liam. As long as I make a decent dent in these ill be happy. The projects like the Navy Boarders, the Necromunda gangs and 1919 are very much back burners - they'll be worked on as and when needed. Almost finished the BFG stuff now, and thankfully most of these are existing projects that need finishing.

      That sounds like a damned good hobby goal, we are particularly lucky here as we are in the Wargaming homeland as it were, GW HQ is 15 miles away (and Warlord and others), Partizan is 1 mile away, Citadel used to be across the road from where I worked. Well if you find yourself on the other side of the world let us know

    4. Cheers for the heads up Col. - I'll have a look into that group and see how it suits.

      Oh to be based in Nottingham - you lucky sod Kieran, rub it in some more - hahaha.

  4. Looking forward to seeing your work in 2014. I always enjoy your posts, and really liked the "Boarding Party" theme. Hopefully (at least for me) you'll have time to work on these guys.

    Good luck on your reaching your goals, and I'm sure there will be plenty of people to support you along the way!

    1. Thanks very much, I'll try and make sure I get plenty done on that one this year. Very kind of you indeed

  5. Looking forward to all of this juicy wargaming goodness in the year to come... hopefully we'll get some BFG in as early as Saturday. Oh, and happy birthday!

    1. Trying to get the rest of the ships painted for Saturday, I have no doubt it will be a belter. Did you get a game in with Dan and Ollie today?

  6. I'll just be a brat and demand that above all else, you post more often Kieran!


    Keep up the [always] great work. Many happy blog-birthday returns!

  7. Haha that sounds like a perfectly reasonable demand to me. I have a dedicated hobby space again now so don't have to keep bloody packing everything away all the time. Hopefully this means more hobbying and more posts about aforementioned hobbying....

    Thanks very much, greatly appreciated as always


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