It's Official - Warhammer Total War! (Plus some general waffle)

From this....

I've not really played any Warhammer games since Shadow of the Horned Rat or Dark Omen, and Space Marine never really appealed much for 40k. But as a huge fan of the Total War series, here is the news the I've been waiting for...


There is essentially going to be a Warhammer: Total War.

We'll be going from this (admittedly with it's wonderful charm):

 To something like this?: 

In the Creative Assembly press release, Tim Heaton, their Studio Director said:

“It seems fitting for us to embark on such a dream project with such a well-established partner. The incredibly rich and detailed Warhammer world is something we grew up with, and has left an indelible imprint on us as both designers and gamers.”

“We’ll be doing the Warhammer universe justice in a way that has never been attempted before. We’re bringing [our] 25 years of experience and expertise in extremely high-scoring games to bear, delivering a Warhammer experience that videogamers will absolutely love.”

It's apparently scheduled to launch from beyond 2013.

The full release can be found on the CA site here.

And what's that hidden in there too.... a game based on the Alien intellectual property?(That's almost Tyranid: Total War...?)

Time for the general waffle...

Also, the results of the internet-wide 40k medical poll are in, and symbol A won as the primary symbol for the Guard/Navy symbol. I tested it out here on a few mock up items (click for a readable size):

Field Dressing version 1, more of a WW2 vibe, produced on Forge World Sirona

Field Dressing version 2, my personal favourite, more WW1 based, made on Forge World Lenus

A medic's brassard / arm band (of the non-swimming variety)

In other news, my second "fluffcraft" post is taking shape and two new "Druids" for the Spears of Mawdryn Space Marines are on the desk (photos to follow). I also have some Battlefleet Gothic stuff on the way, some new fluff I've been working on (in addition to some joint stuff with Scipio) and most importantly, more Mawdryn painting. As if I'm not busy enough over Christmas already....


  1. OH. MY. GODS. total war warhammer... I've dreamed of such a day.

    Also, some cool medicae stuff there.

  2. Niiiiiice! I absolutely love those mock-up medpacks and whatnot - those are absolutely brilliant!

    Very cool news about Warhammer:Total War(hammer), I'll be keeping an eye out for that for certain!

  3. Warhammer: Total War!!!!???? Blessed be Nurgle's name. I'm so gunned for Rome 2, and now this news.... Finally, a GW rts that should not be utter shite.

    Those medpacks are beautiful mate, seriously. Wonderful work put into them, they could be real. So much fun coming here to see these kind of posts.

  4. Lookin' good! You need to get some real-life ones made up :) my life has now been restructured around the countdown to Total Warhammer.

    Can't wait for the second fluff post my good sir.

  5. Yes Yes Yes, this rocks! Total Warhammer (@Mordian7th I think you've coined the title right there mate) great news, the Total War Games are up there in my top ten of all time favourites having played them from right back in Shogun days.

    I'm sure they'll do a great job, what coup getting these two together.

    @Headologist you sir are a fethin genius, those field dressings are the dogs; the stuff you create to enrich the game is amazing.

  6. What a wonderful idea and I pray for this to come to light

  7. It has to be Total War:Hammer really doesn't it! I've been a fan from Shogun, and rather looking forward to Rome 2 too.

    Thanks very much for the comments on the medical stuff, really appreciate it.

    Fluffcraft post is forthcoming, stumbled across some forum posts here and there about writing fluff and I wanted to make sure mine was actually giving something a bit fresher and not just a re-hash.

  8. I like these bandage packets so much, they are the best thing I've seen in quite a while. You sir win the internet. I have to talk to my sister about possibly making real ones. She's a real capable scrap booker/greeting card maker, she has all the kit and the skills to make these sort of things a reality. Would you mind terribly if I completely nick the idea? If I can talk her into making a couple I'll send you one, no promises though, she can be difficult to convince to do labor without getting a reward. She is a sucker for cake though so I might try that.

    1. Very kind of you to say Chris (not sure I've got the storage space for the internet though...). I wouldn't mind at all, I was planning on making some myself and producing templates and how-to guides (with relevant materials listed) for all this stuff.

      So, definitely sounds like a good idea to me, and that would be very kind of you if she does make a couple. Looking forward to seeing what she comes up with. Cake is always good lol.

  9. Beautiful!

    That reminds me - for some reason I used to have a WW2 medic's brassard on my bedroom door as a teenager.

    Maybe Private Godfrey is my hero...?

    1. Thanks Admiral ;) Why does there need to be a reason, that's brilliant! I can think of worse heroes than Private Godfrey...

  10. (having met Drax a couple of times)


    So then, presumably those illustrations are just GCI ? I sort of thought you'd made them and photographed them.

    Moving on to cake; having seen some really creative simulations of things made into cakes, a field dressing cake might be just the right size for afternoon tea...

    1. I'm afraid it's all smoke and mirrors sir, it's just the not-so-cunning trick of drawing onto an existing photo...

      A field dressing cake sounds most civilised indeed.


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