20 Questions Answered. Sort of.

Well, it was inevitable that my immune system would eventually relent and I would catch the latest viral sensation going around the blogosphere, courtesy of Fran and Ray. (Sorry, it's not a virus).

And of course, please visit Scipio's blog where I caught the sniffles... 

Favourite Wargaming Period, and Why?
Very difficult, despite temptations of the Russo-Japanese War, the Mexican Revolution and the Mexican American War amongst others, it probably would have to be the “Arthurian” era, the post-Roman era is just hugely interesting. I also have a very soft spot for the Interwar period, cramming in as it does the Russian Civil War, Spanish Civil War, the Chinese Warlord Era and Civil War - a great period for the clash of ideologies before they almost became parodies of themselves in WW2 (not in the humorous sense, but in that they had become entrenched and stagnant).

Next Period, money no object?
The Wars of Louis Quatorze/League of Augsburg etc.... which would be my favourite period if money was no object. Or the Boshin Wars of 19th Century Japan as I could employ someone to sculpt actual ranges for the era...

The above courtesy of Clarence Harrison at Quindia Stuidos

Favourite five films?
Stop asking such difficult questions...

Duck Soup
The Machinist
Les Vacances des Monsieur Hulot
Dead Man's Shoes (the nearest to hearing my own accent in films is only ever via Shane Meadows).

Favourite five TV series?
Impossible. But I'll try.
Red Dwarf
Peep Show
The Thick of It
Alan Partridge (there's a quote for every situation in life)
Number 5 can be “Almost every British comedy series”

The Iraqis must have been terrified when they saw that coming...

Favourite book and author?
Also impossible. I'll pick from recent reads

Anything by Terry Pratchett

Harpo Speaks, Harpo Marx
Dead Souls, Gogol

Colour Out of Space, HP Lovecraft
Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath, HP Lovecraft
Shadow Over Innsmouth, HP Lovecraft
The Temple, HP Lovecraft
(See a pattern emerging?)
Have only just started reading this, but Bernard Cornwell's Warlord trilogy – perfect reference for my Mawdryn stuff

Greatest General?  Can't count yourself!
Always been more interested in the nameless oiks and junior officers, but quite fond of Zachary Taylor and Nestor Makhno has always been an intriguing one. As has Ptolemy (Soter).

Ptolemy I, Zachary Taylor and Nestor Makhno go into a bar...
Favourite Wargame rules?
Not in terms of actual mechanics, but it probably has to be GW's 40k for all the memories of youth it holds, and it was the first game I ever played.

The favourite book of my youth
Favourite Sport and Team?
Ice Hockey. Nottingham Panthers. Sheffield Steelers booo! Incidentally, a friend just informed me off the fine and gentlemanly pursuit of Ultimate Tazer Ball....

If you had a one-use-only time machine, when and where would you go?
Just before I started writing these answers. That was a bloody nice cup of tea.   

Last meal on Death Row? 
What am I supposed to have done to end up on Death Row in a country with no death penalty..? If so, why have I been extradited.... Err, maybe I shouldn't ask too many questions.   

To actually answer the question, it would probably be Poutine, lovely Poutine... 

Yes, it is edible...

Fantasy relationship and why? 
Well Luthien and Beren of the Silmarillion are perhaps the pinnacle of relationships in Fantasy .... 

Although as I just confessed on PanzerKaput's blog, it would indeed have to be Felicia Day, because... she's Felicia Day. 'Nuff said. 

If your life were a movie, who would play you? 
Well, it's often been said that I look like Edward Norton. But I imagine I'd be an all-CGI character.
Favourite comic book superhero?
 Radar, from Alan Moore's Supreme
Dalmatians are go
 Favourite military quote?
"One of the serious problems in planning the fight against American doctrine is that the Americans do not read their manuals, nor do they feel any obligation to follow their doctrine...." Supposedly from a Soviet Lieutenant's notebook    

Historical destination to visit? Just round the corner, where the Battle of Stoke Field occurred in 1487. 
Stoke Field. Courtesy of Elston Heritage
Biggest Wargaming regret? 
Not having my Damascus experience about just getting on with painting 15 years ago.   

Favourite fantasy job? 
A fantasy job?! What sort of Capitalist plot is this? However, a hermit employed to inhabit a country estate could be a good one, not too sure about the hours though.   

Favourite song top 5? 
I can't pick a top 5, these change slightly on an almost daily basis. 

Anything by Joy Division  
Perfect Kiss, New Order  
Most stuff by Gorky's Zygotic Mynci
Time, Pink Floyd  
Most of Songs form the Wood and Heavy Horses, Jethro Tull

Plus an honorary mention of Delia Derbyshire if I may   

Favourite Wargaming moment? 
Very very difficult to choose.  Many years ago, playing some superb WAB games in a club tournament with Steve “Age of Arthur” Jones and Rob “Warhammer Historical” Broom, as a rather precocious teenager. Really got me into the historicals side of it all though as did many other excellent games there. 

More recently every game with Scipio has had some superb moments, with each game being a little different and characterful in its own way. Here's to many more!  

The Miserable Git Question:  what upsets you? 
People misusing the NHS Ambulance service...   
People making their own way to A&E who actually need an Ambulance. 
Irrelevant, mandatory government targets. 
The suing and claims culture. 
People holding up mobile phones to film gigs and concerts. You're f***ing there! 
Poorly made cups of tea. 
That's about it. I'll stop here before it becomes an extended episode of Room 101.
Oh, and people that moan a lot upsets me. 

More Dracos and Scouts to follow in the next post....


  1. Cook a cat! I forgot about Red Dwarf. I got a copy of Dead Souls in Russian for a penny off a stall in Covent Garden, then when I went there again the next day (with more than a penny to spend) it had disappeared ... very mysterious. Good answers.

    1. There's so much there I could mention too... Fantastic, what's the print date on it? I've found that happens a lot with Covent Garden stalls, found one that had some great 70s Doctor Who books and whatnot (not quite the great heights of Gogol) when the market was open one morning at stupid o'clock. Next time I went back, no sign of it whatsoever, just candles and strange leather covered books...

  2. Great answer, Joy Division a great band, Red Dwarf a great program and I'm doing a Stoke Fields in 1938 at Other partizan this year.

    1. That sounds absolutely fantastic, will hopefully get down this time and yours will be the first table to visit. Incidentally, I don't know if you've seen our current alternate history project that Scipio has been covering? It's not VBCW, but is definitely in the spirit of it. We're doing a campaign focused around the German occupation of Britain, set in North Wales in 1942. More here if you're interested :) http://palladian-guard.blogspot.co.uk/

  3. Some great answers! Poutine??? I had to google it, looks bloody disgusting! Bet it tastes nice though? And I was always partial to a little bit of Gorky's Zygotic Mynci, loved the Patio Song!

    1. Cheers, yeah it is rather rank looking but bloody lovely. It's just a very good cheese and gravy on chips... Ah, excellent, quite partial to the Patio Song myself

  4. OHH! I want to go back an rewrite mine now! Brilliant answers!

    1. Haha thanks, just commented on your own answers and can't believe I missed out Doctor Who! Just been rewatching all of Tom Baker's episodes

  5. Very eclectic and funny answers. I'm a Canuck and I can't agree w you on poutine, mate. RR is right, awful stuff. Totally agree w you on Joy Division though.
    Cheers, Mike

    1. Haha thanks Mike. Whereabouts in Canada are you from if I may ask? I think poutine may be something of an acquired taste then lol, I'm always trying to get Canadian friends to bring cheese curds to the UK when they visit. And maple butter. I wish someone in the UK would sell this stuff lol.

      You've inspired me to add the Bowser and Blue song "The Night They Invented Poutine" to the post!

    2. I was born in SW Ontario, was an army brat till my dad released and settled in British Columbia on the west coast. Then back to Ontario for adult life, then back in the army, so all over, really. Poutine seems to have gone mainstream of late, it's all over the place now. When I come tomthevUKmi'll bring you some cheese curds. :)

    3. Superb, I've briefly visited Chatham... Yeah I noticed last time I was over there were more chain stores selling the stuff. You're a scholar and a gentleman, sir, it's absolutely impossible to get them here. Was contemplating contacting a small local dairy and asking if I could buy theirs lol.

  6. Good answers and agree with lots including Joy Division and the Tull. Food for thoufht about doing my own 20Q but like you have resiated up till now but more to do with the fact that they are difficult to answer.

    1. Thanks Hendrid, and apologies for the hige delay in responding, I have no idea how I missed your comment :/


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