Imperial Navy Crew Models and Art

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Not so much a proper post as a collection of the artwork I've been drooling over while planning my new Kill Team. This includes miniatures, some Jes Goodwin concept art and also Fantasy Flight artwork by Marc Lee (from Rogue Trader RPG supplement "Battlefleet Koronus"). Click on the images to view the original size.

I will be including a Commissar in the Boarding Party Kill Team, but as these differ very little from those attached to the Imperial Guard, I'm not showing images for him (although I will try and add some little details that shows that he serves on-board a ship).

In addition to being used in Kill Team games, I intend to use these as a Necromunda faction in the form of an Imperial Navy Press Gang (using Arbites rules).

Games Workshop's "Officer of the Fleet - Imperial Guard Regimental Advisor." Will likely be pressed into service as the Kill Team leader, in the guise of an Imperial Navy Lieutenant. My paint scheme is likely to use a darker blue, and possibly a light blue-grey for the whites.

Marc Lee's artwork for Imperial Navy Officers, very much following the established patterns of the Regimental Advisor based on Jes' work. Any heavy conversions done will certainly draw on the work of both.

Jes Goodwin's concept art for Imperial Navy crewmen, looking remarkably similar to the Forge World Titan Crew (though I believe the sketch came first). I will be attempting to model the boarding pike shown here, and perhaps the armour of the figure on the left. However, rather than these being standard crewmen, I will use these as a basis for Armsmen (e.g. Royal Marines). As with their historical counterparts, these will spearhead boarding actions, in addition to maintaining shipboard discipline and putting down any mutinies.
Below are the aforementioned Forge World Titan Crew miniatures....

Jes Goodwin's concepts for Imperial Navy Officers, with the distinct Goodwin 80s hair as seen on his Eldar concepts of the era. The "Master of the Fleet" certainly seems to follow these quite closely.

Marc Lee's artwork for Imperial Navy crewmen (also Voidsmen and Shipsmen in the archaic form). Technically I think one or two of these may be Armsmen, but as they generally look much of a muchness, these are going to be the basis of my crew pressed into service as boarders - shotguns, knives, axes and pikes thrust into their hands and bundled into a boarding torpedo. I really like the bionics as peg leg equivalents - but won't go quite as overboard. I have a large amount of bionic parts from a currently unfeasible Adeptus Mechanicus project, so its nice to know they won't go to waste. I will be using Necromunda Orlock miniatures as the basis for these - and with my sense of thrift still intact, they will also be used, unsurpisingly, as my Necromunda Orlock gang...
Below are the Orlock miniatures for a comparison, hopefully you can see the merits of my choice :P I may also use a few bits of the Catachan plastics, they all look the part and look like switching and swapping should be easy enough.


On a recent web trawl, I found the Naval Advisor painted up in the exact scheme I wished to replicate - along with some rather nicely painted up Titan crewmen.
This photo is courtesy of Drathmere's 40k Hobby Blog

A penny for your thoughts?


  1. I cant wait to see what you do in this space. Years back I converted some 'sailor' style troopers- After reading this I totally want to pull them out and touch them up. They looked more like current British Navy rather then this grim 40k style. I think that's why I lost interest.
    Pity the Forge World Titan Crew are so pricey.

  2. That sounds fantastic, I hope you do it will be good to see those. Yeah it is a shame, I'm scouring eBay for those at the moment - definitely couldn't afford to do more than a kill team

  3. Is it bad that I giggled at the prospect of 'touching up some sailors'?

    Nice ideas, by the way...

  4. bahahahaha! That's hilarious. What makes it worse is that I'm ex-navy and my mates catch me saying stuff like that all the time!

  5. I didn't notice that the first time round, I'm from a naval background so it must have rubbed off... hang on a minute :P

  6. Yeah, I'm from Portsmouth - dad was Navy - so I'm used to all this salty seamen stuff.

    Oh no...

  7. I'm pretty sure my next army after the Arborians are done will be a 500 point Imperial Navy Boarding Party.
    I'm still trying to decide how to make them.

    1. Thanks for commenting, what ideas did you have for them?


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