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Gladiators... Are. You. Ready?

I'm currently awaiting a shipment of Foundry's gorgeous Gladiator miniatures to use in conjunction with Warhammer Historical's new(ish) rules - also currently planning an arena which uses a biscuit tin and aquarium sand as the basis.

UPDATE: These Gladiators have since arrived, and some have even been painted! Shock horror. 

Post 1: "Laquerias" painting begins

Post 2: "Laquerias" painting finished
Post 3: "Thracian" painting begins

Warhammer 40k

+++ "Spears of Mawdryn" Space Marines
So far, the ranks of the Adeptus Astartes have seen the likes of Space Romans, Space Mongolians, Space Vikings and Space Crusaders. In this great tradition, I bring to you in the form of my original Chapter, Space Welsh!

Very much a labour of love, and once out of the box :/ will be my largest single force. Inpsired by Dark Ages Welsh/Arthurian warfare, and 1st century BC/AD aesthetics of Britons and Gauls (notably shield shapes). Anyhoo, more on those in other posts - the large amounts of fluff will be drip-fed to you so as not to be too overwhelming.

+++ The Myrmidions / Heralds of Kephis
A force which can represent loyalists and renegades shows this divided Chapter. A fleet-based Chapter of boarding specialists with a distinctly aquatic theme, the darker side definitely has that "Innsmouth look" (for those unfamiliar, Google it ;))- Lovecraftian goodness aplenty. Other influences include the Greyjoys of A Song of Ice and Fire, and Bioshock. Again, fluff to be drip-fed post by post over time.

Look out for fishy possessed Chaos Marines, a Daemon Prince converted from proper daemon prince components and river troll parts, some "Deep One" esque lesser daemons, and perhaps some Bioshock "Big Daddy" styled Obliterators/Terminators

+++ Boarding Party of the Imperial Navy Frigate "Spatha"
The name is temporary. This is a rag-tag kill-team / small force of Junior Officers, Armsmen, and other Ratings (plus the odd servitor) literally armed to the teeth with shotguns, boarding pikes, shields, navy pistols, grapples and grenades. Expect them to see use in simultaneous, "linked" Battlefleet Gothic and 40k games where the boarding actions aren't just rolled for


  1. Space Welsh? How fucking cool is that? If theres any Space English, they are screwed :D

    1. Haha, thanks very much, well GW has mined the other stereotypes and put them in space, if not them why not the Welsh :P They are supposed to be 5th/6th century Arthurian chaps, but Welsh nontheless :D


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