Tuesday, 16 December 2014

I Aten't Dead

They say time goes quicker as you get older, so I must be aging at an exponential rate as the 3 months since my last post have flown by. In all fairness I've done very little wargames related so there's been little to report, that's through no lack of motivation but simply lack of time. A (sort of) promotion, house move and other hobbies (the horror) have taken up a bit more of my time than usual.

Could go well with Rogue Trader....
I have, without wanting to go on about it, lost a bit of love for GW. I had quite a while back. Beyond a shadow of a doubt a point has been reached where I can say they definitely don't make miniatures or games for me anymore. And that's fine, change is inevitable and no company owes me the games I'd like to see. I can still use older miniatures and play older games and older versions of current games. I just need a project to get me into it all again. Something that infuses a bit of Jodorowsky's Dune and the Jodoverse into Rogue Trader could be fun...

That said, I do have some Blood Bowl related plans in the pipeline, so watch this space. 

There's also plenty of historical goodness lined up, from an ACW map campaign that I'm planning and umpiring (see Ed's latest post on a superb ACW game on a budget), some French and Indian War stuff in the post and a few other projects lined up that you will see on both mine and Ed's blog shortly. And part 3 of the Fighting Fantasy series (when I can find the damn book). This is a bit of a blank slate fresh start of my wargames blogging, if I can post once a month from now on I shall be happy. Hopefully it shall be more. The sabbatical year comes to an end.

Now I finally have the new PC I want to get back to doing more graphical and fluffy stuff, so expect more of this in 2015. I'm already tinkering with novel ways of doing battle reports for various games and periods (SAGA, Blood Bowl and Necromunda to name a few), as the Battlefleet Gothic report a while back seemed to be pretty well received.

In Other News

Navigating on my prototype homemade chart
There are a couple of other non-wargames projects in the pipeline that some of you may be interested in. 

Das Boot

You may have seen Ed's brief coverage of our immersive sim gaming meets RPG meets living history "U-Boat Days". Myself and Ed will soon be setting up a joint blog to chart our attempts to essentially recreate a Type VII U-Boat control room in a garage and link it with a heavily modded Silent Hunter 3. From 'real' navigation, to working periscope and the works. We're getting there. I'll post the link as soon as it's up and running

Ollie using the hydrophones with a headset that I converted to work with the PC

A WWI Sim Cockpit

In a similar vein, I'm also attempting to build a sim cockpit of a First World War DH2 for the combat flight sim Rise of Flight. I'll be blogging about this and covering all the times that I staple my hand to some canvas or solder my finger together. Again, link will be up soon.

Thanks for reading and see you all again soon!


  1. Yay! a post from both you AND Ed in the same week! Feels like Xmas came early!

    Am with you on the Games Workshop slump. More and more of my stuff has been stuck up on Ebay of late and for once, there is no guilt.

    These new projects sound like a blast - so interesting and innovative. Wish I lived closer to see them in person.

    1. Haha, I know it's rarity these days Dai, ta very much. Yeah, it's just got to a point where I'm struggling to get past the "meh" but I hope I do at some point. Either way there's plenty of other gaming going on again so that's good. Well if you ever happen to find yourself back in Blighty let us know

  2. Oooh. Hello stranger.

    BFG graphics ? Looking forward to seeing some of those.

    1. Ta muchly, funnily enough I was piecing together the Thunderchild stuff the other day. Empires have risen and fallen in less time...


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