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The Second American Civil War
Now, onto the business of the day. I have a real soft spot for alternate history, as my 1919 project may have shown (and the mini WW2 War for Wales campaign Ed and myself did) - and as a fan of North American history when I saw this project I thought it was just my cup of tea (or should that be cup of joe..?)

Taking their inspiration from VBCW, Black Army Productions are creating miniatures and a background sourcebook for recreating games of the Second American Civil War of 1933.

Here is a description of the setting from their site:

1933: A Nation Divided tells the story of the Second Civil War in America as it might have been and provides a sourcebook for wargamers.  This book is meant to be the American companion to 1938: A Very British Civil War, published by Solway Crafts and Miniatures.

A Nation Divided assumes that, on February 15, 1933, President-Elect Franklin Roosevelt was shot during an impromptu speech by a self-described "anti-capitalist" zealot who was believed to be a Comintern agent.  President Herbert Hoover then ordered the arrest of all individuals linked to "radical political groups" such as the Communist Party of the United States and the American Socialist Party. 

Tensions rose, protesters began setting fires in New York and Washington, D.C., and a group of right-leaning veterans organized by the American Legion began an "anti-Bonus March."  At this protest, national hero Charles Lindbergh gave a rousing speech denouncing anti-American organizations both inside and outside the country.  Ultimately, a powerful new executive agency was created - the Office of General Affairs - with Lindbergh as its General Secretary.  His office authorized the Bureau of Investigation to conduct what was later called the "Hoover Raid" - an armed attack on CPUSA headquarters in New York.  Shortly thereafter, the U.S. military was mobilized, and other skirmishes occurred. 

Vice President-Elect John Nance Garner resigned in protest, taking 103 members of the House and 10 Senators with him.  They met in Philadelphia, forming an "Opposition Government," based upon Constitutional principles.  They and their followers became known as "Constitutionalists." With two United States governments vying for legitimacy, the Second American Civil War had begun.

But, unlike the First American Civil War, this war had more than two sides.  The Nationalists and the Constitutionalists were major forces, but the American Silver Legion ("Silvershirts"), Communist "flying columns," independent militias, leagues of farmers, and others all rose to defend their causes and their homes.

Their Kickstarter is here, do do support them, this is a great looking project with some superb "rewards" and beautiful minis in the works. All in all, looking forward to getting my hands on the source book!  

Left to Right: Minuteman of "Constitutionalist" Sons of Liberty, Militia woman (based upon a modified SCW poster), and lastly a Militiaman based upon historical photos of the suppression of the Bonus Marchers
The beast that is the MkVIII "Liberty" Tank - beautiful, and useful for my 1919 project too
You can "Like" their Facebook page here. Highly recommended as there are regular updates, whether project updates, fluff snippets or miniature news. 

Some fan art of mine for alt. history project - 1933: A Nation Divided

As regular readers will know, I do have an over-fondness for creating fluff artwork for my own projects (or newspapers....) I bloody lovethe interwar period and US designs of that era, so I had to have a quick go at producing something for 1933. It's just a rough sketch and there are certain specific details I would add (as soon as I get the sourcebook) but generally happy with the overall look. I'll be making plenty more of these

And in other news 

Keep your eyes peeled on the Palladian Guard blog for a battle report of our first Edethor campaign game, it was only a 500pt patrol but my word it was a belter, and a great motivator the keep up the painting pace. On that note, I shall be posting some more stuff on my Spears of Mawdryn DIY Chapter soon.

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  1. The white works fine for me. Stands out more.

    Interesting KS. Not sure I'll sign on though as I need a new project like I need a second wife, but I look forward to seeing what you do with which ever pieces you get from it.

    1. Thanks Dai. Yeah I'm not sure I can manage any more projects, but I just saw it as pre-ordering the sourcebook and miniatures essentially. But I'll definitely be doing a few posts on it on the not-so-distant future...

  2. How did I not see this? Why was I not informed? Curse my defective blogroll. Great post, loving all the pics and vids. I do like these alternate history things, not sure how much academic merit is in them but it's fun to come up with the timelines. And of course they're perfect settings for wargames.

    1. Definitely agree, this is certainly a well-researched setting and a bit more alternate than 1919 which only tweaks a few relatively minor things. We definitely need to get a few games in...

  3. Replies
    1. Hi all - Sorry this pops up as anonymous but I don't appear to have an account on any of the reply option servers. My name is Jennifer Bagosy (Mina on the various wargames forums) and I am involved with this project. In fact, I'm the creator's wife as well as an avid wargamer! I can tell you we very much appreciate the blog post and support! I've come to ask for your support - we have 9 days left for the kickstarter and still have a way to go!

      I think we can make it - but in order for that to happen, we need everyone who's looked at this project and liked it to back! If you've backed already - thank you! If you haven't - only $10 gets you a copy of the book in PDF, $35 for a print version. At the $50 level and above you start getting miniatures! And both minis and vehicles are available as add ons beginning at $25 for a squad or M1917!

      C'mon, you know you want some of this stuff..... ;)

    2. Have to agree that's definitely a bargain, really hope the project gets fully backed - it certainly deserves too. I'll definitely be increasing my amount as soon as I can!

    3. And Drax, ah go on... you know you want a copy ;)


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