Necromunda Scavvy Gang and Campaign Report (plus Mawdryn and Imperial Navy Boarder update)

The dust has finally settled after the recent run up to the Necromunda campaign weekend, and what a superb weekend it was all-round. Good games and good company, what more can you ask for, it all ran very smoothly thanks to Scipio's superlative organising.

I had hoped to do a a couple of posts on the Necromunda gang painting and terrain building but the past couple of weeks has been focused solely on getting everything finished - leaving little time to blog about it unfortunately.

But now it's all finished I can finally make the first of several posts. My scratch-built terrain and the second gang that I painted, Crazy Leg Cuccinni's Crew (the overall victors of the mini-campaign) are safely under lock and key in the Bunker so they'll have to wait for a bit before they get a post of their own.

Next week, the events of the campaign weekend will be appearing in the next issue of the Bilgewater Expositor campaign newspaper.

For now, here's a sneak peek of my (almost) finished Scavvy gang fresh from the gaming table - the Court of the Blind King.

Group Photos
A nice mix of the old and new Scavvies

From left to right: Rusty, Scabface (later Rickets after Scabface was captured and sold), Pox (deceased - soon to be reintroduced as Carbuncle), Banjo and Pretty Boy Pickman.

 A nice mix of the old and new Scavvies

From left to right: Dregs, Baron Laveau (as in 'toilet water'), Foul Ole Ron (currently a prisoner of Crazy Legs Cuccinni) and Scraps.

New Necromunda Scalies and Mantic Ghouls
At the back are my two Scalies: Larry and Ogg. I'm rather pleased with the conversion of Larry, he's wielding an Ogre spear/glaive with two Ogre knives to replace the ridiculous original blades. The hands have also been swapped over as they're the wrong way round on the original component. He counts as wielding two swords, but as yet has not seen combat - I almost managed to unleash him on Crazy Legs Cuccinni but a slightly-too-high fence and incessant pinning stopped him. Bugger.

The three Ghouls (from Mantic) were painted very hastily, just bleached bone with a Reikland Fleshshade wash. The plan is to go back to them ASAP and at least give them different colour clothing, the poor sods. In every game I only ever managed to roll for one ghoul... cursed dice I tell ye.

One more ganger, Slug, is missing from the line-up as he's currently undergoing surgery to add some eyestalks.

A Closer Look

Here's a few of my favourite minis from the scrofulous social crusaders (equal rights for muties)...

Banjo: A very nice sculpt, going to go back and give a chipped paint effect to his shoulder pad

Dregs: Always intended to give this chap a tentacle but it was meant to be in addition to the two arms. As his club was lost in transit, a quick rejig soon sorted this out. Literally painted at the 11th hour with Baron Laveau and the Ghouls.

The Scabs model I had spare from acquiring Kal Jerico put to good use
Pretty Boy Pickman (a pretentious reference to Lovecraft's short story "Pickman's Model"), this sculpt (Scabs, of Jerico and Scabs pack) was a joy to paint, although considerably thinner and with less prominent details than some of the other sculpts.

Pox / Carbuncle - I really liked the almost grenade launcher pose and the cowled face of this chap

Foul Ole Ron: I don't want to know what's living in that beard...
Foul Ole Ron (an obvious reference for the Discworld fans out there), really like this chap overall - and yes, he's a ging-er.
There's a few noticeable chips in the paint so the priority is to fix those and give them a better coat of varnish next time!

It took a couple of games to get the hang of how the Scavvies played and to get refamilairised with the game in general (not helped by the fact I didn't have a copy of the Scavvy rules in front of me on Day #1 - d'oh), but all in all they were really fun to play. Characterful, infuriating and sheer joy to play rolled into one. Although I only managed one victory after snatching 2 of 3 pieces of loot from under the noses of Deacon's Prospectors, every game was thoroughly enjoyable indeed.

Necromunda Campaign Weekend Report

Scipio has written up a superb report of the weekend's battles and skirmishes with some rather nice photos.
 You can read it here

Although my Scavvies weren't victorious, after my endurance marathon to get the Orlock's of Crazy Leg's Crew fully painted it was good to see them at the top of the heap.

General Hobby Update: Big thank yous, Mawdryn and Imperial Navy Stuff.
Firstly a huge, huge thank you to both Liam of Frothing Muppet and Chris from Sippin' on Paintwater. Liam recently sent me a Spear-gun wielding Scaly that I'd been trying to track down for ages, and did so completely free of charge and refused to accept my offers to pay for postage. What a gentleman, thank you very much sir, he shall certainly be appearing in the next battle!

Secondly, earlier this year Chris did a stunning and beautifully painted conversion of a Space Marine "Druid" (Chaplain-Apothecary) from my DIY Chapter "the Spears of Mawdryn". Based on my pretty vague fluff and descriptions Chris managed to capture the spirit of the Chapter perfectly with this. And now myself and the Druid have been acquainted as he takes pride of place amongst my Marines. 

The model is even more impressive in the flesh as it were, but here's a few photos of him in jolly old Britannia.

Spears of Mawdryn Space Marine Druid

Chris' original posts on the building and painting are here, here and here.

My Spears of Mawdryn have had a new lease of life recently and I've been working on some new Scouts, based on Pictish hunters and skirmishes with their distinctive hooded cloaks....

Pict-inspired Space Marine Scout

Pict-inspired Space Marine Scout

And last but not least, the Lieutenant of my Imperial Navy Boarding Party has had a bit of a resculpt. Although the bicorne has had a few tweaks (and vastly whittled down) since it first appeared here in a ridiculously oversized form, I was never quite happy with the style. He now has a proper Royal Navy crescent bicorne, fore and aft. 

Mr. Hornblower in the Imperial Navy
Mr. Hornblower's 1608th great grandson....
Quite a few of the landing party themselves have been built too, with a few more on the way soon... you'll have to wait until I'm back up in York before they make an appearance though.

Thanks for reading folks, ta ta for now...


  1. What a monster post - really good to see some detail on those mutanty scavvies, I can testify that even with their 'tabletop' paintjobs they were very nice to look at. Public thanks for all your hard work too! And great to see an update on those other projects, all look very exciting!

    1. And thank you very much sir, the terrain painting day was a huge help. Managed to get some half-decent light on these for the photos so it picks out the detail a bit more. After patching up the chips and basing them I'll go back to them and add some more highlighting I think. But going to work on the other projects first.

  2. LOVING that bicorne hat...and the desk sounds pretty ineresting too...

    1. Thanks very much, getting close to the right side of the large workload and then I'll plenty of time to churn out more stuff from the hobby desk...

  3. I had a Scavvy called Old Ron for the same reason! Love it

  4. Great looking stuff all around. Glad your Druid made it to you. Can we look forward to another edition of the Bilgewater Expositor?

    1. Thanks very much Chris, and bloody love the Druid. I did email you a while back but I think my mail went missing in the aether. You can indeed, there might even be two copies. They won't be ready for another couple of weeks unfortunately.

  5. Its good to see you lads had a good time of it at the weekender.

    My fav has got to be Pretty Boy Pickman - is that a normal Scavvy mini or some other lines? He seems a bit out of sorts with the rest of the range - very emaciated.

    Again your more than welcome for the Scaly mini. I have more than enough miniatures that will never see paint so its good to give some away every now and then to a home where they will see use.

  6. Yeah I think he's probably my fave overall. I knew I'd missed something out of the post - that's the Scabs miniature from the Kal Jerico and Scabs pack. I bought Kal Jerico a while back to convert into the Navy Lieutenant in the post, and ended up have a spare Scavvy.

    Looking forward to getting him painted up and on the table, maybe to deliver a bit of harpoony vengeance against Scipio's Cawdors.

  7. I thought that some of the models from Ramshackle games or Taban Miniatures might make decent under-hivers.

    If you fancy getting put back into your sewer by the only gang with a plan, just let me know.....

    1. Ahh, I've not seen those, will have to have a peek. Haha, that sounds superb, should start getting a little more free time soon so that's an increasing possiblity

  8. Wait, I could have sworn I stuck a comment here.....?

    Either way. Scavvies turned out great.
    Games sounded super fun and I wish I could have joined too. :)
    Your sculpted cloaks are fab! A tutorial is in order I feel.
    Lastly, that bicorn is dead sexi.

    1. Haha, it must have been consumed by the aether...

      Many thanks for the kind words sir, if you make it back to the UK then a game shall definitely be in order.

      I can take credit for the bicorne but not the cloaks, I just nicked the Scout Sniper torsos unfortunately, the dodgy lighting does make them look green. However, I do have a cunning plan for sculpting fabric, and if it turns out half-decent then I'll definitely do a tutorial.

  9. Cool Blog mate, link added

    1. Ta very much mate, been following yours for a while, have a bad habit of not always commenting though. Really liking your trench set up, looking at doing something similar shortly

    2. Buy a cheap router and use MDF, it all comes down to your rules though




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