A Brief Update: 40k Imperial Navy Lt., Mawdryn Druid and BFG Ships...

In my last post I uploaded the WIP Lieutenant (Mr Lefebvre) for my Imperial Navy Boarding Party. As I said from the off, I wasn't quite happy with the bicorne. I couldn't quite get the more "cresent moon" style because of the position of Kal Jerico's hair (damned large and off-centre). I did consider giving him a trim and even resculpting the hair, but as it was sculpted into the shoulder of the model it was more trouble than it was worth. So I went for the eaerlier, or more continental European style bicorne on this one (worn in the later "fore-and-aft" style). I would like to try a "crescent style" as shown on the chap in the centre (to the right of the somewhat obscure Admiral) and the Midshipman to his right, where the rear part sits close to the back of the head (closer than illustrated here, in fact).

Courtesy of The Dear Surprise
 However, the bicorne was still rather on the large side so I gave it a further trim. I could have trimmed it further perhaps, but it was starting to get a little structurally unsound. I lowered the peak at the back a little more and repositioned the bicorne. Results are below:-

Also back on the modelling table this morning was the Spears of Mawdryn Druid. After an incident with one of the antlers of the holidays (sounds nasty...), I ordered a couple of replacements and pinned them this time. I also sculpted the power cables for the psychic hood and filled in a couple of gaps. The Staff arm has also been repositioned and pinned. Lastly, I added the key to his belt, which seems to be a symbol of Librarians (although he should have a few more, Mawdryn never does anything properly...). I had been saving it for my Sergeant-at-Arms, but found I had enough to sensibly fit on that model with one spare.

I also urge you to check out the Druid of the Scythe done by Chris at Sippin' on Paint Water, he's just started painting it and my word it looks superb. From a few vague descriptions in a comments section, he's managed to pull the concept straight out my head it seems - impressive work indeed.

Without further ado, here's my Druid of the Stave (Librarian), he still needs a bit of a filing in places but is essentially finish - will base him when I get back up North :-

And now for something a little different. Whilst I may have an Imperial Boarding Party, my Battlefleet Gothic fleet is very much of the Chaotic persuasion. I was a Chaos player first and foremost, and when BFG was first released that was the natural choice. I also prefer their playing style, which is much more "Age of Sail" than the Imperial fleet. Unusually, I don't have much fluff for these chaps yet, but they belong to a group known as the Heralds of Kephis. At the core of this group are the renegades of a Space Marine Chapter I wrote about some time ago - the Myrmidions. Both loyalists and renegades are fleet-based boarding specialists with a distinctly aquatic theme, the darker side definitely has that "Innsmouth look." I do have a little more detailed fluff for these renegades, but I shall share it properly at a later date. Anyhoo, here's a peak at what's currently on the painting table (it's still WIP mind). Look out for a battle report in the next couple of weeks...).:-


  1. I have a question about the Order of the Stave. Which Psychic discipline (out of the core Rulebook) do they prefer? Or do they use the regular Space Marine/Space Wolf Psychic Powers?

    I ask, because I'm thinking of drawing a OotS Druid using a power, and it would be useful to know what set they'd use.

    1. Ooh that sounds nifty, Biomancy and divination are probably the closest - you can't go wrong with lighting bolts from the fingertips lol. They'd dabble with most things, but divination is a big thing with them, and the manipulation of the weather (based on the legends surrounding Owain Glyndŵr). They read the runes in the same stone circles the Druids of the Scythe lead rites and rituals in (each stone is supposed to represent an aspect of the Emperor, whether warrior, leader, teacher, healer or similar). If you email me your contact details I can send you a chart if the runes they have on their armour and purity seals if you like? I always had a picture in mind of one of the Druids drawing a rune in the air - how does that sound? Really looking forward to seeing what you come up with :)

    2. I would message you, but your details aren't shown on your profile. I think mine are, or you could try via DeviantART or Second Sphere (see the "Contact me" tab on my blog).

      So Divination and Biomancy? I somewhat guessed Biomancy would be right :P
      Knowing the sorts of powers they use will help me think up a pose, and I will try and incorporate runes into it :D

    3. Awesome :D There should be an email address near the top, officiomedicae@gmail.com, but if your details are already public I'll send you something ASAP. The runes are essentially ogham script but I've put together a few specific "charms and spells" as it were

  2. Just in case of any of our American cousins reading, the management would like to point out that 'the chap in the centre' is not George Washington.

  3. Quite right, he is in fact an Admiral whose name slips my mind...

  4. *laughing*

    George Washington kept both of his hands I believe. Just his teeth that were remiss.

    I think you should be happy with the bicorn now mate. The dipping to the ends makes it less static and more part of the rest of the model and above all, fantastic.

    That librarian is full of awesome detail. Yer a brave one sticking him together like that before painting. Never could get my head around that way of doing things - so many spaces where my brushes couldn't reach or my wrist to bend sufficiantly to reach with.

    1. Haha, definitely had no plans to tinker with the bicorne any more lol.

      Thanks very much, hopefully I've not overdone it, was trying to get a fine balance.

      I think the word might be stupid lol, I've always done it that way, I suppose I like to see the building stage finished before I move onto the painting stage. If I can't get to the detail very well then it's not going to be very visible either so I can get away with less attentive painting... That's how I see it anyway lol. Maybe I should paint on the sprue as it were, or certainly before putting him together. I'm so ham fisted though I can see things going horribly wrong if I did that. I find it easier to build and paint the model as a whole and get a feel for it that way. I occasionally use Blu tack and what not to test things put but it's never quite the same

  5. Bahahaha! I just spilt my coffee.
    "I could not tread these perilous paths in safety, if I did not keep a saving sense of humour." - I don't know when he said it but it seems appropriate.

    I think you have it with the bicorne! Beautiful.

    That Druid just oozes sacramental Biomancy. Its not a surprise that he is inspiring other modellers!

    1. Haha, he was a very astute chap too, couldn't agree more.

      Thanks very much sir, I keep looking at the photo and I'm tempted to go back and tweak it, but on the physical model it looks fine.

      You're too kind, definitely what I was going for - and Sacramental Biomancy has to be the best name for a metal band..


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