Headologist's Alive!

After several months without actual internet, BT have now finally been round and plumbed in all the necessary gubbins in order to elevate me out of what had become a new dark age. But the blame can't be fully placed on BT, I have been rather busy with various other projects in the "real-world" (plus a few gaming-related commissions) in order to keep my gaming addiction properly fuelled.

I have not been idle on the gaming front however, new and expanded 40k medical fluff will be released into the wild at somepoint soon; also painting progress is going pretty well. Not great, but better than usual - I have been slowed down by my pedantry in trying to sculpt some custom armour elements (watch this space) and even Colonel Scipio attempted to assist in this department but we have both been foiled thus far, however I think I've found a solution.

I've also done a bit of a revisit/sequel to my earlier Guide to Creating Background Fluff, so that will be broadcast to the unsuspecting public in the next few days too.

This past week I have been at a film festival near Venice (all very exciting) and got the seal of approval from film-maker and film historian, Kevin Brownlow, whose film It Happened Here was the inspiration for the alternate history WW2 campaign myself and Scipio are doing. (He asked me to tell him who wins this time.... Does anyone have a dustpan and brush for all these dropped names?

Look out for some battle reports next week as me and Scipio are meeting for a game this Saturday!

Apologies for my prolonged absence and thanks for those that still kept coming back to my poor, neglected blog.


  1. 'bout time you popped back. was wondering where those Arthurian marines were at?

    Nice to have you back sir, hopefully this will be the 1st in a bunch of future posts to come!

  2. haha! yes he still is alive. Welcome back to the blogosphere. Best of luck for the upcoming battle (but don't tell Colonel Scipio that I said that, he'll have his Iron Hearts stab me).

  3. You again! How many times do I have to kill you?! On a more serious note a thousand welcomes back to the blogosphere - hugely looking forward to further fluff. See you Saturday!

    @Col Ackland: So this is how you repay me! Cheating on me with another blog! I feel so betrayed :'(

    1. Ha! Well lets just say that looking at your army Scipio, I think Headologist will need all the luck he can get! As a fellow veteran Guard commander I'd say those puny Space Marines don't stand much of a chance. (But I might just be feeling a bit arrogant after obliterating 2000p of Marines with ease).
      Bona fortuna!

  4. Haha thanks all, I have wanted to pop back for a while but with no easy Internet access and stupid amounts of work it's been rather difficult sadly. Some more updates on the Mawdryn lot soon Dai!

    Very droll Col. Ackland :P Thankfully all of our games so far have been draws or victories by the narowest of narrow margins, but I still shit myself at the sight of Scipio's IG army...


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