40k Old School Artwork in 6th Edition

In a recent post, I asked whether there was something retro in the air (perhaps just a leak at the local sewage works), or whether or not I was imagining what seemed to be an "old school revival." Well, I haven't actually got my own copy of 6th Edition yet but it seems that this something in the air is not only affecting gamers but GW too. Thanks to The Marienburg Gazette I have just seen this superb piece of artwork from the tome (page 198)...

And if there isn't an Ambull, a Zoat, a Slann, and other RT-era lovelies in there (does that mean I can start converting and fielding them in GW stores now?). Also the "space skaven" from 3rd edition that I used to say I would convert one day (I remember there being a rumour that they were the Hrud and the next army in development... the most common rumour beyond plastic greatcoat Guard).

Heretical Forgery...
In other news it seems that Forgeworld are producing Horus Heresy era miniatures, seemingly looking to capitalise on the back of the popularity of the Black Library series. There are elements of the era that I really like and some of the fluff generated from the series has been great, although the characterisation has perhaps been a bit patchy. I'm particularly looking forward to seeing what's done with the Thousand Sons, but really I feel quite bad that I'm not as excited about this as I feel I probably should be. I have no doubt whatever they do produce will be superb though. Now on the other hand if FW said we're producing a series of books and miniatures expanding the Age of Apostasy and the theology of the Ecclesiarchy I would be as happy as a Frenchman who had invented a pair of self-removing trousers.


  1. I still like the picture of the Space Marines shaking the guy down for aerosol cans! And where are my greatcoat Guard?!

    Good stuff all round. I wish I could draw - this post has highlighted it to me, how my fluff is generally missing visual stuff and how central it is to conjuring up an image to an outsider.

    1. I still think we should have an RT-style Kill Team game, old style colonial police Space Marines vs the Graffiti Gang...

      And you're too kind, I think your stuff has a very strong theme, and a clear visual image, everything looks like it's from the same army even where uniforms aren't identical, I don't think the visuals need to be over the top just clear. So whilst my stuff may be Arthurian-based, they're still Space Marines - not only is there a limited amount you can do and have them still look like Space Marines, there's also the fact that if I wanted to do actual Arthurian era wargaming then I have that option available too.

  2. I still cry for my Squats, relegated to enduring the cruddy stats as "counts as" Guard. They deserve better. And so do the Zoats.


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