Too many projects?

Ooh, pretty distraction....
Time again for my weekly post...

Wow, in the last 2 weeks, I have had a 1000 more hits - what on earth is going on, it makes me feel even more guilty for not deliviering as much hobby stuff as I'd like. Again, it's been busy of late, with more silly things getting in the way of wargaming (damned Real Life), but also the superb British Silent Film Festival. On the plus side I have received a couple of commissions on the back of my latest animation snippets - which means more pocket money for miniatures but less time to work on them.

Cue generic stock image of jugglers...
There is a slight tinge of sadness in this post as I'm not going to be able to post regularly for a few weeks - as a (supposedly) mature student, exam season is now upon us and I must avoid the distracting lure of 28mm miniatures. Harder said than done, with the various projects I have swimming around: 40k (and its spin-offs), my Mordheim Morris-Men, WW2, Russo-Japanese War, a bit of ACW and the ever-present lure of Vietnam (focusing on battles *without* Americans) and Chechnya . I'm still waiting for the lottery win to purchase endless armies for the Wars of Louis Quatorze, the era and project that lurks just beyond the horizon like the damned temptress she is.

Despite this, I wll still be prioritising the 40k stuff followed by the WW2 stuff, with some new Spears of Mawdryn conversions just round the corner along with some scruffy Volksgrenadiers...

So here's a question for you all - how many projects are *too* many, how do you cope with the lure of new miniatures, periods, games etc.

A selection of miniature eye candy

Some superb grneadier miniatures from the League of Augsburg

Musketeers from the League of Augsburg

More League of Augsburg Grenadiers

Some superb miniatures from Front Rank, particularly like the grenadier with grenade in hand

Some beautiful shots of Red Star Miniatures Grozny demo game from Crisis 2010 - highlighting their superb minis


  1. I have a wife who budgets every month, so shiny new things have to be carefully planned around this.
    Makes one think twice about making big purchases or to plan them accordingly. I know, sounds like I'm wupped, but not really cos without her, we'd probably have no savings and I'd have even more bare metal and plastic. :)

    As it stands I have my:
    1. Inquisimunda project
    2. Nurgle Space Marines
    3. Raven Guard Space Marines
    4. Small Imperial Guard detatchment
    5. Multiple Malifaux teams
    6. German Dust Warfare force
    7. Umpteen rpg character figures
    8. Many scenery pieces for above projects.

    So yeah.... No more. Please. :P

    1. Haha, I think you have more projects on the go than I do, they sound excellent. What's the Inquisimunda project? I have to allow for my fiancee's budgetary requirements also...

  2. It seems that there's one benefit to not being married/engaged. That fellow at Radio Shack said I was mad to spurn human love and spend all my money on Imperial Guard! Well, who's mad now! Mwu ha ha ha ha!

    1. Haha. Incidentally, have you seen the Empress miniatures Spanish Civil War stuff?! It's outstanding.... no, not another project, I do *love* SCW though, all those lovely CNT-FAI flags. Stop me, please :P

  3. I don't want to list the number of "projects" that I have... I'd need to collate them into "inactive", "active" and "actually active"... and each list would be far longer than I'd like to admit. I like to think of it as a big hobby pie... and at the moment the slices are so thin I really need to let go of some pieces!

    Don't fall into my trap! Down that road lies damnation...

  4. Like Oink, I have several projects that are in an 'inactive' state (Orks, Eldar, Necrons), 'active' (Guard, Ad-Mech), and 'actually active' (World Eaters). And of course the endless one-off minis for our RPG campaigns, Necromunda, and what-have-you.

    I think three major active projects are about as many as I ought to have. I feel like I should get rid of the 'inactive' projects, but... Naaaaah. :)

  5. Haha, I knew I wasn't alone, I think many of my projects can be divided into the same categories. There's even more lurking in the background that I didn't allude to. I think the next project following (or alongside) the 40k/WWII stuff is some ruined city terrain that can be used for various conflicts from 1930s to present day with a few modular/interchangeable details - even sci-fi games with the right additions

    1. I could expand the wishlist to include the Boshin Wars, Sino-Japanese War, Chinese Warlord/Civil War stuff, Spanish Civil War, Korean War... and on and on


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