Yet more Gladiators

Finally done a little more on another Gladiator, this time a Thracian. I've tried to vary the skintones to represent chaps being brought from every corner of the Roman Empire. I also tried to get a little more contrast in the shading on this one too. Next time I think I'll attempt to use a few inks and washes, something I dabble with occasionally but give up halfway through because it doesn't seem to be going how I think it should (it probably is).

Does anyone have any recommendations of particular brands of inks or washes to use?


  1. As a big fan of inks, I heartily recommend the GW washes expensive though they are, as they very rarely go 'blotchy' on flat spaces and congregate nicely into the gaps, while still tinting the overall colours. MIG washes are good for tanks and things, but tend to ruin any 28mm stuff I put them on to. Also GW ones water down well, without loosing their spready-out properties, I've only tried a few inks but still prefer GW. Thoroughly dis-recommend just watering down ordinary paints (of any brand) as I tried that and ruined my model of Marshal Zhukov. Poor Georgi.

  2. Contrary to what I said the above model and the other one do include washes, but I just couldn't quite get the contrasts right, maybe I need a tutorial lol.

    I have to say I've heard nothing but good things about Secret Weapon Minis' washes - I think you should definitely give those a whirl (I think they may be a little cheaper too)

  3. I use Devlan mud GW ink wash for flesh. It works for me.

    1. Thanks for commenting and for the advice, I'll give that one a try


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