Saturday, 14 January 2012

Gladiators, are you ready?

After having a couple of games in "Das Bunker" to test out Warhammer Historical's Gladiator rules, I finally started painting the first miniature, the "Laquearius" (like the net-and-trident armed retiarius, but with the net replaced by a lasso or noose).

To get the trident to fit required some extensive work with a modelling knife on the figure's hand and on the trident itself, but once done it fitted nicely.

I haven't painted any miniatures in a long, long time so I'm very rusty. This still needs a bit more work doing to it (it's certainly not finished), but as long as it looks okay on the table, I'm happy. Pictures below along with my grubby, paint-stained fingers.

Painted mini pics below...

Hopefully, we'll get a write up of a few games and details of our house rules up shortly. Watch this space!


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  2. Thanks very much, finished that one up now, juggling various periods and scales at the moment, not the most productive way to work...


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