Cake, or war(games)?

Thank your for taking the time to visit my new blog. Having intended to do one for a long time, a good friend recently began a blog ( and inspired me into action (and reminded me of my Blogger account).

So, what's it all about?

Having been wargaming and RPG-ing on-and-off since around 1996, it is something that probably takes up more time than it should. Generally, this is place for me to dump all things wargaming and table-top RPG, from projects, fluff, artwork, news and general thoughts, as well as game reports and the like. Hopefully you'll find something of interest, feel free to ask any questions or borrow any ideas.

Whilst I enjoy modelling, gaming, and to a lesser degree painting, fluff writing is where I lean towards as a gamer - including backgrounds of forces and characters as well as games and campaigns with something of a narrative element.

Where does the name come from?

Well, for the few of you that haven't seen this classic piece of Izzard....

And the title of this post.. the blog was nearly Cake or Death.. or Cake or War - Izzard again, I know.


  1. That's a great title for a blog!

  2. Thanks :) Which one, Cake or War or the one I chose :p I'm still undecided lol

  3. Hello there! stumbled across your blog whilst cathcing up with Admiral Drax... Loving the content, be careful not to burn yourself out! 16 posts in 14 days!!! I'll be following your progress and looking forward to more great quality hobby (and art!)

  4. Thanks very much for following, I really appreciate it. Yeah the pace has slowed to something a bit more reasonable now I'm back to real life after Christmas, there's still plenty of content left to cover yet :)


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