Tuesday, 28 February 2012

"We'll keep the Red Flag flying here!" - Warlord Soviets arrive

I had expected today's post to be a more in-depth overview/review of the new experimental close quarters rules from Forge World, Zone Mortalis. However, a speedy delivery from Warlord Games has scuppered that plan - in a pleasant way.

Along with my comrades-in-arms, Colonel Scipio and Brother Knight I've been embarking on a WW2 project...

Sunday, 26 February 2012

FW Zone Mortalis - the game I've been waiting for

I knew there was a reason I have an Imperial Navy boarding party (which seem to be my most popular posts, just ahead of the triage stuff).

Well, just to give me a kick up the arse and more projects to work on, Forge World are releasing a mini-game / expansion game called Zone Mortalis, aimed at creating close quarters combat in narrow corridors (essentially Space Hulk Plus...) 

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Yet more Gladiators

Finally done a little more on another Gladiator, this time a Thracian. I've tried to vary the skintones to represent chaps being brought from every corner of the Roman Empire. I also tried to get a little more contrast in the shading on this one too. Next time I think I'll attempt to use a few inks and washes, something I dabble with occasionally but give up halfway through because it doesn't seem to be going how I think it should (it probably is).

Does anyone have any recommendations of particular brands of inks or washes to use?

Friday, 24 February 2012

I'm still here

Just to let you all know I have not abandoned the blog, far from it, I have been bust working on the RPG setting which well get some coverage here when fit for public consumption. At present it only makes sense to me and those whose minds are addled by various psychadelic substances.

Also have some Space Marines, Gladitors and WW2 in the pipeline - hopefully some of those will be featured tomorrow.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Honey I'm home

Apologies all for the couple of weeks I've been away, I promised myself that I'd try and post every other day. With real life, and a silent film festival, inconveniently getting in the way this hasn't quite happened. A new job and other projects have distracted me slightly.

Keep your eyes peeled for more Gladiators and a battle report coming soon, and a piece on integrating Dawn of War games into your 40k campaigns. Also, I've been working on a wiki for our gaming groups particular iteration of the 40k setting, so I'll be posting about that shortly. Plus there's plenty more fluff stuff to make an appearance.

Check out my comrade-in-arms' Palladian Guard blog for some excellent Imperial Guard house rules for Officers.

See you all soon!
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