Saturday, 25 February 2012

Happy Birthday Warhammer 40,000

I should probably have something poignant and humourous to add here, but I'm sure the multitude of far superior blogs have dealt with this much better. But as it stands, Warhammer 40,000 is 25 years old this year- it should now be maturing from a sultry teenager to someone that should at least have started considering things like mortgages.

Games Workshop and wargaming in general has always had close ties to me home town, being the home of the Citadel miniatures factory, the host of the infamous Partizan and Newark Irregulars club (where GW veteran artist Tony Ackland is a member), and GW HQ being just down the road. 

So, I will say depsite my occasional grumblings over GW policy and the direction of the game, I've gotten a lot of fun out of 40k in various guises over the past 17 years and continue to do so - otherwise this blog wouldn't exist. The setting has evolved into something distinct from its origins and inspirations, and whilst certain writers may take things in dubious directions, well we can always pretend those bits never existed. That's the fun of it, you have enough flexibility to make your own stuff up.

But I still love Rogue Trader, the 2000AD heavy fluff, the flexibility of the rules. And Squats. yes, I like Squats. I think a game of Rogue Trader involving some diminuitive, rotund hairy bikers (not the Geordies) is going to have to be done soon.

On that theme, check out this classic from Something Awful, looking at the artwork of Rogue Trader in a humorous light :P

In honour of the not-really-that-auspicous-day I've knocked together some quick Rogue Trader versions of my blog header...

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